Best Selling Author Has Simple Solution To Save The World From Its Woes

The world didn’t end, it’s a New Year and the world’s biggest problems weren’t magically transformed by some spiritual rapture on the 22nd December.

Online PR News – 04-January-2013 – Elanora – Elanora, QLD, Australia, January 02, 2013 -- The world didn’t end, it’s a New Year and the world’s biggest problems weren’t magically transformed by some spiritual rapture on the 22nd December. “We have some serious issues to face in 2013 and beyond, that we can no longer fantasize about politicians, aliens or meditation fixing them for us. We must each take personal responsibility to play our part in the big clean up,” says contributing author, Nicola Grace, The Mission Mentor, of the International Best Selling book Ready, Aim, Captivate.

In her new book released on Amazon Kindle, Discover What You Are Here To Do, Nicola postulates, “It is my strongest contention that when we find and follow our Higher Purpose for being here, and do the very thing we came here to do, the Butterfly Effect is that we will solve some of the biggest problems we have in the world today, and go on to free our attention up to learn about even higher states of being and doing. Living our Higher Purpose we will discover our higher abilities. Carrying out our personal missions individually, collectively through the Butterfly Effect, brings about the better world we all dream of living in.”

Discover What You Are Here To Do – Find the Clues, Follow Your Path, takes the reader on journey first of Nicola’s life and how she found the clues to her Higher Purpose and Mission and saved a billion dollar industry from ruin in 2006. Then she leads you on your personal journey to find your clues through a series of easy to do processes. It’s not just a book about how you can save the world, it’s an inspirational easy read that leaves the reader clear on where the deeper meaning of your life is found, and where your greatest fulfillment and successes can be naturally achieved.

“I have written this book because despite many years and many books on Life Purpose and living a life of meaning, the majority of my clients still come to me confused about what they are here to do. They also lack direction and confidence they have what it takes to step up and do the very thing they were born for,” says Nicola.

Discover What You Are Here To Do answers these frequently asked questions by purpose seekers once and for all: What is a Life Purpose? How do I find my purpose? What does my life mean? Do I have a Higher Purpose? How do I find direction in life? How do I make a difference? Can I live my Life Purpose and make a million dollars? How do I start living my Life Purpose? How do I spot self sabotaging behaviour? How do I overcome fear of moving forward with my Personal Mission and Life Purpose? What is the purpose of dissatisfaction in life? How do I get confidence to step up to my Higher Purpose and big vision in life?

Discover What You Are Here To Do takes a Soulful approach to finding your Life Purpose and more. The book makes very unique and important distinctions for purpose driven people, and even includes a surprising lesson in Quantum Physics that leaves you feeling inspired, uplifted, excited and invincible.

“In these pages you will discover there is so much more to you than meets the eye. There is so much more going on “behind the scenes” of your daily activities than you have every imagined. These activities act as doorways into the Soul, to understand things about you that can help you create a life that inspires you and deeply fulfills you, and transforms the world making it a better place in the process. In taking this journey with me to Discover What You Are Here To Do you will be learning how to examine those Soul clues, and quite possible along the way you might just find your Soul,” says the Author.

The book can be purchased on in the Kindle Version or via The paperback version is due for release soon. Nicola Grace can be contacted for interviews and speaking engagements at: or at,, Read More at

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