Courtport – The Leading Public Record Research Tool – Is all Set to Undergo a Revamp

GAMI LLC has started reviving it's popular public record research tool,, the premium site for many government, commercial, legal and educational organizations.

Online PR News – 04-January-2013 – PA – King of Prussia, PA, January 02, 2013 -- Gami LLC, which introduced the groundbreaking public record research tool, Courtport, has started planning to revive this popular product to expand its services and enhance its user experience. They announced that their R&D division had started the research covering various aspects including the design, technology, usability, and functionalities before starting the makeover. They aim at making it the foremost public record research service in the U.S.

“Gami has recently re-launched another well-known product –, a topnotch legal docket/document retrieval tool – with several innovative features, and won raving feedback from our users. The result is awesome and we could see a jump in the growth of our customer base. Now, the turn of Courtport has come. We will make it the best public record research tool,” said Jojo Joseph, the Director of Marketing and Customer relations, Legal Services, GAMI LLC.

Courtport was started in 2008 as a public record research portal targeting law librarians, paralegals, attorneys, investigators, and other professional researchers. It provides a platform for people to connect directly with all federal, state, and local court case information, court rules, forms, recordings, records in various categories like liens, criminal, business, licensing, and so on. Within a short span of time, this novel concept won the acclamation of the legal industry; and now its client list is being adorned by scores of esteemed organizations from different sectors like government, education, commercial in addition to the legal industry. Courtport is proud to have nation’s top notch law firms and a few fortune 500s in their client roster. Courtport definitely as a decisive role in changing the way people do legal research in U.S.

“Like in the case of FreeCourtDockets revamping, we rely on the feedback of our users to give a successful face-lift to Courtport’s public record research facilities. Our product research team will bring more insights into this project. Our dedication to quality and innovation will make the new Courtport a better public record research tool than its current version in all aspects”, said Jojo.

The new version will have some exciting features to give users better solutions to many of their requirements related to public record research. Inspired from the success of Courtport and FreeCourtDockets; they have set up a division to experiment this model in other countries also.

About Courtport:
Courtport is public record research service established by Gami LLC. It provides a platform, especially for people from the domain of law, to do public record research including case details, court rulings, and so on. It also gives community features for users to share, collaborate and learn to help professional researchers, practicing legal consultants, students and businesses. Website:

About Gami LLC:
Gami LLC is a U.S. based technology and business process outsourcing company headquartered in Philadelphia. They are an innovative firm that introduced groundbreaking concepts in offshoring solutions targeting small to medium businesses and startups. Gami is also contributing to the public record research through its pioneering products like FreeCourtDockets and Courtport.Website:

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