“Predicting 2013 - Opportunities and Threats” - a Wikistrat Speed Simulation

Wikistrat recently concluded a 48-hour simulation, where over sixty geopolitical analysts predicted the top positive and negative scenarios that are likely to dominate the global policy agenda in the year 2013.

Online PR News – 01-January-2013 – Washington, D.C. – Washington, D.C.: Wikistrat is pleased to announce the release of the article “Predicting 2013 - Opportunities and Threats”. This article, recently published on the Diplomatic Courier, summarizes the results of a 48-hour Speed Simulation, where over 60 geopolitical analysts predicted the scenarios that, for better or for worse, would dominate the foreign policy agenda in the year 2013.

“Every December our editors and analysts reflect on the top international issues of the year so that they may forecast strategically what issues will shape the foreign policy agenda in the year ahead,” said Ana C. Rold, Editor of Diplomatic Courier. “This year, we are thrilled to bring our readers insightful analysis by next generation strategy thinkers at Wikistrat.”

In the course of this collaborative exercise, over sixty geopolitical analysts at Wikistrat, the first massively multiplayer online consultancy, forecasted a range of positive and negative scenarios that will most likely come to the forefront of the global policy agenda in the year 2013. Some of these scenarios are well known, whilst others draw unique light to paramount events to watch for in the following year.

On the negative side, analysts’ predictions saw a potential Western intervention in Syria stemming from Assad’s decision to resort to the use of chemical weapons and a populist hardline Japanese politician’s ascend to power that would inevitably trigger tensions with China. Furthermore, they envisaged a “Revolution 2.0” steadily fuelling growing instability in the Middle East. Al-Qaeda’s comeback in Africa and the Middle East was also predicted, as well as national chaos outbursting in Iraq in the aftermath of a first major election taking place in the country.

Positive strategic forecasts drew attention, instead, to the potential end of Assad’s violence in Syria and a resulting weakened Iran, as well as a new era of political convergence in Latin America reinforced by economic growth and increasing poverty reduction. Moreover, adding to the bright events that may unfold in 2013, analysts anticipated a gentler hand coming to the fore in the Chinese region, Europe’s resurrection from the recent economic crisis and the development of an “energy-smart America”.

The full report, compiled by Wikistrat Senior Analyst Frida Ghitis, is available for access on the Diplomatic Courier’s website. To learn more about this 48-hour exercise and Wikistrat’s crowdsourced simulations more widely, please contact info@wikistrat.com.

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