Bennight Brothers arrive in New England


Online PR News – 01-January-2013 – Providence/Rhode Island – Local Small independent team under the banner of “KISIO Design Productions” is producing a homegrown Web series called the “Bennight Brothers”. The Series follows three brother’s virtually shut-in’s all of their lives who have recently lost their father to cancer. Their Father John Bennight left his sons a will, inscribed within its old dusty pages is more than the eye can see. To make matters worse; Carter, Brice and Warner find themselves thrust into a world they have been kept from for so long. John Bennight was always concern with his son’s special condition, it lead directly to the prevention of most if not all incidents involving the community at large. Stricken with what scientist merely refer to as Disease of the Mind, the shear strength of their feats border on the very edge of impossible. Although John Bennight loved and cared for his family he could not begin to grasp the importance of his own heritage let alone the fate of his three sons.

The Bennight Brothers Series will incorporate Elements of Sci-Fi, Action, Adventure, Drama, and at times a bit of comedy relief. The Series Will air exclusively on January 2013, and will be preceded by a Crowd funding. Friends and fans will have the unique opportunity to join the project and become part of the team that brings this vision to fruition. The series is projected to have 13 episodes each with a running time of 10 min. This will all be taking place right here in Rhode Island, where the team is dedicated to utilizing only local talent from every corner of the state as well as Connecticut, and Massachusetts. Additional “Actor auditions” will be opening up during the 2013-year to fill both semi permanent and permanent roles, and they will range from young kids to Adults.

The Series contains many real world Symbolism such as the number 13 used for both the number of episodes as well as the number of Keys needed by the Bennight brothers (find out more The show’s creator has incorporated many of these elements and flips them on their heads in an attempt to break the stigma behind societies long held views on these subjects. “If there is one thing I would like to bring to the forefront of our understanding as a society is that we are capable of understanding more, we are able to achieve more, and ultimately, it is within our own power to change more than just our lives; we can also enrich the lives of those around us.” Says R. L. Lopez, the Shows Creator. Visit their site for news, updates, contest giveaways and more. Stay tuned in; we are sure it will be an amazing adventure not to be missed.

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