Emanuel Pleitez, Mayoral Candidate for Los Angeles and Workforce Development and Tech Expert supports the BPR Cloud Institute program, which recruits and accelerates the training of English speaking and ESL professionals and students for high-demand Cloud Computing jobs.


Mayoral Candidate for Los Angeles, Workforce Development Expert and Technology Strategist Emanuel Pleitez supports the BPR Cloud Institute on an innovative program designed to recruit and accelerate the training of English speaking and ESL (English as Second Language) professionals and students for high-demand Cloud Computing sales and service jobs. The program will be brought to the Los Angeles area in 2013 from Silicon Valley. Certifications and online badges are provided to students who complete the required courses. No experience is required to obtain the sales and support skills necessary to succeed in the fast growing cloud industry. For every one engineering job available or created, there are several sales and support jobs that come with it.

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Los Angeles and San Jose, Capital of Silicon Valley, December 31, 2012 – The organizers of the “Fast Track to ESL Cloud Opportunities in 2013” conferences, The BPR Cloud Institute has unveiled a new program to provide accelerated learning for CompTIA cloud certification. The program also includes networking opportunities for aspiring or experienced IT professionals looking to stay ahead of global developments in cloud computing technologies and solutions. 21st century workforce development experts like Emanuel support efforts to expand the global cloud force using Silicon Valley style accelerated learning methods and technologies. Emanuel Pleitez stated “The 21st century economy is a global small business economy increasingly connected via the cloud. Los Angeles has one third of California’s small businesses focused on logistics, health care, green technologies, global trade, business services and wholesale products. Small businesses produce more patents and innovations than larger businesses according to the SBA. The accelerated cloud training program offered by the BPR Cloud Institute will improve the efficiency, competitiveness and innovation of local businesses and create new export markets for bilingual cloud sales and services for Latin America and Asia.”

Reynaldo Gil, Cloud Inventor with supply chain cloud patents ranked in the top .01% , Mobile Social Chief of ReyLabs and Director of the BPR Cloud Institute said “As an innovator, supply chain cloud expert and small business owner, I fully endorse Emanuel Pleitez’ candidacy for Mayor of Los Angeles. There are few political leaders in California with the vision, collaboration and technology skills to lead the transition to a cloud-based small business economy. The complex small business and IT services sectors of the Los Angeles economy are experiencing job creation but the growth is hampered by the lack of trained cloud business service professionals. LA’s innovative, diverse and multilingual small business community is the supply chain hub for Latin American and Asian trade. It must become the cloud-based supply chain hub. Employers and business partners demand qualified, certified business to business (B2B) sales and service personnel to fill local and export jobs. Our economy does not have years to build up a cloud workforce to support the transition. We have to retrain people faster.”

Students participating in BPR Cloud Institute programs will quickly master the concepts and obtain different levels of certification validating skills required for many business to business marketing, sales and service opportunities.

About: BPR Cloud Institute

The BPR Cloud Institute has launched innovative accelerated learning programs in Silicon Valley including certification training and Cloud Career Day events. Los Angeles will be the second city to participate in this innovative job creation program for cloud sales and service professionals. The producers are the husband and wife team of Reynaldo and Linda Gil. Reynaldo Gil is an internationally recognized cloud inventor and entrepreneur with three highly-cited patents in supply chain management in the cloud for small businesses. Reynaldo’s supply chain cloud innovations saved companies like Dell and others hundreds of millions of dollars. He is currently developing educational technology and programs designed to accelerate IT and cloud training. Linda Gil is a prominent leader within the Silicon Valley small business community.

The BPR Cloud Institute is based in San Jose, California, Capital of Silicon Valley. San Jose is the most multicultural city in the world.

About: Emanuel Pleitez

EMANUEL PLEITEZ is a progressive Los Angeles native committed to uniting, serving, and inspiring his community. His strength and inspiration come from being raised by a single mother in the Eastside neighborhood of El Sereno—at an early age he helped his family through financial hardships and learned that the strength of a community comes from the people within it. Emanuel has always taken initiative to promote social change, and with strong moral values and limited opportunities, he founded non-profit organizations such as Latinos on the Fast Track (LOFT) Institute, and the Latino Legacy Weekend, aimed at providing opportunities and mentorship for innovative young leaders.
Emanuel’s story is familiar to many Angelenos. Son of Mexican and Salvadoran immigrant parents, born in South Central Los Angeles, and raised in an underserved and underrepresented neighborhood, Emanuel soon learned that it took hard work and academic diligence to get ahead. He earned 19 varsity letters at Woodrow Wilson High School and eventually became the first member of his family to graduate college—Stanford University—on scholarships.
Between 2003 and 2005 he twice worked for current Mayor Villaraigosa, first as a field aide in El Sereno and later as his personal assistant. He went on to learn about business at Goldman Sachs until the Obama-Biden Presidential Transition team selected him to serve as a member of the US Treasury Review team. Shortly thereafter, Emanuel ran for California’s 32nd Congressional District Special Election in 2009, with a strong grassroots campaign that engaged and energized Eastside Los Angeles voters.
This caught the eye once again of the Obama Administration, who appointed him as a special assistant to Paul Volcker and the President’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board (PERAB) in 2009. Here he worked on workforce development, infrastructure financing, and tax reform programs. Emanuel was later employed by McKinsey & Company as a management consultant for a variety of industries, and most recently served as Chief Strategy Officer at Spokeo, a growing Los Angeles-based technology company.
Emanuel continues to recognize hardships in every day life, and unwaveringly commits himself to public service within and beyond Los Angeles communities. He takes an active role by serving as Board of Directors Chair for both the Hispanic Heritage Foundation and the Salvadoran American Leadership and Education Fund (SALEF), both of which identifies, promotes and prepares leaders in the Latino community. As a citizen leader for No Labels, a movement of Democrats, Republicans, and independents, he is dedicated to solving municipal problems rather than political gamesmanship.
Emanuel is the founder and executive producer of INSPIRA, an ongoing web series featuring the stories of inspiration from Latinos across the country. He and his wife, Rebecca, reside in El Sereno.


John Hill, Director of Communications, Emanuel Pleitez for Los Angeles Mayor 2013
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