World Boxing Superstar, Manny Pacquiao Inspires 3-Year Old To Knock Out Cancer

At age 3, Andre Ilano began his fight against Cancer; 2 years later Andre's Cancer is in remission

Online PR News – 31-December-2012 – Las Vegas, NV – Even though Manny Pacquiao got knocked out this past December 8th in Las Vegas, Nevada; 5-year old Andre Ilano’s message to Manny is to keep fighting.

At the age of 3, Andre Ilano was taken to the doctor for a medical examination after his mother and father noticed that his belly was swelling with no signs of it going down.

After seeking medical attention for Andre’s condition; he was diagnosed with stage four nueroblastoma cancer. Though Andre’s family was living in Las Vegas, the best treatment for this type of cancer was in New York City.

Andre’s father, Allan, who works for a local casino in Las Vegas, was able to keep his job in order to provide for his family; however, Andre’s mother, Ella, was not able to keep working because she needed to accompany Andre to and from New York for nearly two years of treatments. Alan would go as often as he could but the financial commitment was extremely difficult as Andre also has other siblings.

While 3-year old Andre was in the crib at the hospital, getting ready for surgery, he was watching a boxing match on television, which featured the world famous boxer, Manny Pacquiao. Andre stood up in his hospital crib and began to mimic and even shadow box like Manny. In fact, Andre’s was boxing to Manny’s every move. Not only myself, but everyone in the hospital room where my son was boxing in his crib were amazed!” recalls Andre’s dad.

Since then, Andre has become a true Pacquiao fan and some are even saying that Andre is a pint-sized boxing prodigy.

“Treatments were difficult but he never cried. He would make a discomforting face of pain but he never cried. He would pray, play Justin Bieber music, dance and shadow box to deal with all his tiring treatments and he always surprised me of how strong and brave he was while all the while I prayed and cried many nights”, shared Andre’s mother.

In June 2012, Andre had the opportunity to meet his boxing hero during his fight in Las Vegas. The visit was a time of mutual admiration as two fighters in different rings.

It was difficult for Andre to see Manny get knocked out the last time around; but Andre knows to never give up on fighting until he can proudly stand up as a victor again. In fact, this past September, on Andre’s routine treatment in New York, Andre’s family received the good news that Andre’s cancer is now in remission or as Team Andre puts it “The cancer has been knocked out!”

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Andre Ilano is a boxing prodigy and superstar in the making. Now that his cancer is in remission, Andre is learning karate, teaching his younger brother how to shadow box and practicing his singing and dancing moves from his musical idol, Justin Bieber.

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