Little Rock Mobile Marketing Company Now Offers Businesses A Reputation Manager

Little Rock based mobile marketing company now offers reputation management to their customers. Managing online reviews and ratings can be a huge hassle for local businesses. A reputation manager helps facilitate the interaction on these sites and ensures their reputation online is fair and representative of their business.

Online PR News – 01-January-2013 – Sherwood – A Little Rock based mobile marketing company, Mobile Site Army, now offers online reputation management services to their customers. Besides their mobile marketing offerings including mobile site design, QR codes, SMS marketing (also called Text marketing) and app development, the mobile focused company is now providing reputation management and coaching for Arkansas businesses.The search engines are using these ratings and reviews as part of their algorithm for ranking sites. Reviews and ratings can be found directly on the front page these days. Businesses now have a way to push bad reviews off the front page and highlight the good reviews. They can also ensure they are in the know about any bad reviews so they can address them and try to resolve the problem."Reputation is becoming part of the cost of doing business. You can't expect to do well in today's economy with bad reviews. Your reputation is becoming everything online. Customers are different these days. They look before they leap, as they well should. But unfair ratings or reviews can really damage business. We couldn't sit by and let our customers not have a solution. As an online reputation manager we help businesses get more customers," says Carrie Gibson of Mobile Site Army.Social media has changed the way we do business. Customers go online first before finding a doctor, chiropractor, mechanic, or plumber. They search online for ratings and reviews and read all about the experiences of others before deciding who to use, and, they are inclined to leave their own review."Companies need a system in place and someone to manage reviews. They need to be asking for them and facilitate getting them. They also need to be monitoring their online reputation and addressing the grievances of their customers. Nothing less will be tolerated these days. You simply can't let a bad reputation go unchecked. It will ruin your business. As a Little Rock reputation manager I help businesses keep a finger on the pulse of their business by providing a bridge between the customer and the business owner," Carrie explained when asked why businesses need reputation management services.Carrie also commented about no reviews. "Having no reputation is just as bad. People want to do business with companies that have a positive reputation." Statistics indicate that most will only choose to do business with companies that have at least 6 to 10 reviews. Having no reviews gives potential customers nothing on which to base a decision.Mobile Site Army ( offers online reputation management services as well as a coaching program for those who want to manage their own online reputation.