Beachbody Adds A 3rd DVD to 10 Minute Trainer in 2013

For 2013 as a limited time Beachbody has added 3 more workouts to the 10 Minute Trainer workout program.

Online PR News – 31-December-2012 – Atlanta, GA – Beachbody has released several new programs for the 2013 exercise season. In addition they have revamped several older programs that were in need of such revisions. According to executives at Beachbody LLC,the 10 Minute Trainer which was created by Tony Horton nearly 5 years ago was a program in need of modifications.

The 10 minute trainer base kit which came with 5 workouts, each being 10 minutes in length was accompanied by an “upgrade kit” that could be purchased in addition to the base kit. The upgrade kit featured 3 more workouts along with 2 more resistance bands. Starting in 2013 however, Beachbody has essentially discontinued the deluxe upgrade kit and combined all eight 10 minute trainer workouts into the base kit. Now for a limited time when you purchase the 10 minute trainer program you’ll get all 8 workouts in addition to the standard gear that always came with it.

The three workouts are not new to the 10 minute trainer family. They have been around for nearly as long as the program itself. These three workouts target areas like your total body, upper body, and core cardio. The price of the 10 minute trainer has remained the same during this modification period.

Many online retailers such as Fitness Body Online which carry genuine Beachbody programs like 10 Minute Trainer were thrilled with the recent announcement. “Super stacking is what makes the 10 minute trainer so effective and why it continues to be one of our best-selling workout programs at Fitness Body Online,” according to Paul Atkins President of Fitness Body “Now with the extra 3 workouts added to the program at no extra charge, there’s even more super stacking capabilities in this single program.”

While generally considered a beginner program, participants are now warned to be cognizant of their limitations and existing medical conditions with the introduction of 3 more “advanced” workouts.

The 10 Minute Trainer workout is available at the Official Beachbody distributor website with a 30 day money back guarantee. Customers are cautioned against purchasing the program from any site other than genuine retailers to avoid buying a counterfeit product.

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