Free line rental to business tariffs by Cheap Business Calls

Cheap Business Calls, the cheaper business calls provider run by Kent’s agile Keypoint Communications, is now offering free business line rental.

Online PR News – 15-April-2010 – – Cheap Business Calls, the cheaper business calls provider run by Kent’s agile Keypoint Communications, is now offering free business line rental. They’ve become the first and only company in the UK to place free line rental on their corporate tariffs, a move that cements their position as the forefront business in modern commercial telecommunications.

Every other UK company purporting to offer cheaper business calls, while running on the promise of standardised fees and transparent call costs, is still “hiding” portions of their real fee in line rental charges. The bigger, slower, more traditional “mainstream” providers like BT are even worse, dragging their heels in the good old days where hidden charges included minimum chargeable call times (usually three minutes, which is a staggering 1800% more than hundreds of quick business calls) and setup fees, as well as monthly line costs.

Hidden call charges don’t raise the apparent total of a business phone bill: what they do, instead, is hide “dead” money in the final figure. Dead, or hidden, money, is money that a business has to pay for its apparently cheap phone calls, that doesn’t directly pay for the calls themselves.

Any company, then, who isn’t offering free business line rental isn’t really giving its customers cheaper business calls at all. The list price of the calls themselves might make them look like cheap phone calls: add the line rental back in, though, and those “cheaper business calls” prices start creeping back up to the unjustifiable mean presented by the crippling bills of traditional providers.

The new economic world we’re all living in hurts businesses daily. There’s less money around, which means, in context, that phone tariffs not offering free line rental are bleeding funds they can’t afford to lose from struggling businesses everywhere. Cheap Business Calls, in a leap typical of parent company Keypoint (Keypoint Communications are definitely the coming thing in the world of modern business communication), have realised that this lack of available money is actually an opportunity to make money. By offering free business line rental, Keypoint are committing to a truly fair price structure: struggling customers are gravitating towards it like fish to a light. Rather than relieving service users of money they simply can’t afford to spend (which makes money in the short term, until one’s clients go bust), Keypoint’s free line rental tariffs are bringing less money in bigger quantities, over a sustainable period of time. Free business line rental is a form of husbandry, if you like: rather than over-farming the land, Keypoint are using the available resources within their sustainable boundaries. The result is already easy to predict.

Keypoint’s free business line rental initiative is going to bring shoals of new customers into its nets, paying significantly less than they were to BT and co. – but all of them paying to Keypoint instead. With no-one else on the UK market offering free line rental, Keypoint’s competitors are going to have to ask themselves a hard question: can they afford to have all their customers spend a lot less money, but give it all to someone else?

About Cheap Business Calls

Cheap Business Calls is a product of Keypoint Communications. The sole aim of the business is to provide flexible alternative telecommunication solutions for all sizes of business, with a special team dedicated to the small and medium framed companies.

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