Free business line rental from Cheap Business Calls hits competitors hard

Kent-based Cheap Business Calls have recently unveiled a new model for commercial phone service provision: free business line rental.

Online PR News – 15-April-2010 – – Kent-based Cheap Business Calls have recently unveiled a new model for commercial phone service provision: free business line rental. The Cheap Business Calls free line rental initiative makes them the first and only company in the UK to have truly transparent billing: where every penny on every invoice is accounted for purely by actual time spent on the phone.

The Cheap Business Calls free business line rental tariff charges customers at a flat rate for call time only: there’s no setup fee, no joining fee, no contract fee, no equipment fee – and, of course, no monthly line rental. For the first time ever, then, in the UK, business customers are being given the chance to get genuinely cheaper business calls, with no subsidiary costs sneaking the actual price back up again.

It’s hitting competitors where it hurts, this UK first: BT in particular are finding themselves backed into a corner by the painful discrepancy between Cheap Business Calls’ free line rental tariff and their own convoluted business charge structure. While BT operate what appears to be a deliberately-confusing tariff, where sliding scales on call charges mean the same call costs more at different times of day, and minimum charges make even a 60 second call three times as expensive as its sounds, Cheap Business Calls’ free line rental tariff costs one price, 24 hours a day. And that price is significantly cheaper than BT.

Everyone uses numbers to make them sound good, of course: that’s the way business works. Cheap Business Calls’ announcement that their free business line rental tariff offers 100% savings on line rental is oxymoronic but true – and it points out a discrepancy between the Kent-based company and everyone else that doesn’t just stop at free line rental. The percentage differences between Cheap Business Calls’ whole model, and the “cheaper business calls” plans offered by everyone else, are uniformly staggering. In some worst-case scenarios, a company that doesn’t use Cheap Business Calls free line rental tariff is suffering under price regimes that register thousands of percent higher than the genuine cheaper business calls given by the child company of Kent’s Keypoint Communications.

Free line rental, for a customer switching over to Cheap Business Calls, is just the tip of the iceberg. For a start, there’s no switchover fee, or connection charge. Traditional behaviour of all phone companies includes apparent penalisation for customers that weren’t originally theirs, dressed up as hook-up charges: with Cheap Business Calls, a company simply opens a rolling 30-day contract with them, picks up the ‘phone, and starts making cheaper business calls. Free itemised billing, that lists call charges down to the second, gives businesses an easy tool for clear accounting; while demonstrably cheap phone calls, charged at a single flat rate, ensure there are no nasty surprises. Combine all this with the UK’s first ever free business line rental, and there’s only one conclusion to draw: Cheap Business Calls have become Britain’s only honest phone company.

About Cheap Business Calls

Cheap Business Calls is a product of Keypoint Communications. The sole aim of the business is to provide flexible alternative telecommunication solutions for all sizes of business, with a special team dedicated to the small and medium framed companies.

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