LifePROTEKT selected SEO Majesty as PR agency of record for their social networking and SEO needs

LifePROTEKT selected SEO Majesty as PR agency of record for their social networking and SEO needs. SEO Majesty an innovative team of marketing, design and internet strategist specialists, now has signed on with LifeProtekt. 

Online PR News – 14-April-2010 – – Louis Giuffre, Chief Blogging Officer and LifePROTEKT President, is responsible for the introduction of SEO Majesty to LifePROTEKT. "We want to ensure optimum communication with our customers, ease of site use and meeting the needs and expectations of our customers. Bringing SEO Majesty on board gives us one more avenue in achieving that goal", states Louis Giuffre.
"LifePROTEKT was conceived with the soul intention of alleviating issues faced by caregivers and families of autism, Alzheimer’s and special needs communities therefore we are dedicated to its success", states Louis Giuffre. LifePROTEKT anticipates great success from this collaboration with SEO Majesty and is sure it's customers will benefit greatly.   Louis Giuffre, who cares for two autistic children, developed the LifePROTEKT concept of community-based support through his first-hand knowledge of the challenges facing caregivers. “We have all kinds of technologies in our lives these days,” he commented.  “I am dedicated to making it easier for people to understand how the latest technology can and should be used by caregivers to better protect their loved ones, while providing themselves with some peace of mind.”

LifePROTEKT maintains its online community at 

About LifeProtekt LifePROTEKT is the first comprehensive grassroots organization serving caregivers and families in the autism and Alzheimer communities, or anyone who wants to be better informed about location- based technology to make caring for individuals easier and more productive. By offering advice, sharing stories, providing tips, and giving recommendations for professional services, LifePROTEKT attempts to provide support to those who provide the care. LifePROTEKT also offers the best personal GPS monitoring and tracking products at Our ultimate goal is to promote awareness and ensure that every effort is made to find a cure for autism and Alzheimer’s.
About LocationBasedGPS - is the #1 online retail outlet offering Location Based Personal Tracking Products to protect your family members, pets and personal belongings.  With over nine years of successful online community and commerce presence, we are able to bring the best Location Based Personal Tracking Products, at the best prices in the industry as we offer a very easy and pleasant online shopping experience.
We are also the first and ONLY retail website dedicated to providing the best Location Based Personal Tracking Products technology products to help the autism, Alzheimer’s, and pet lover communities keep track of the whereabouts of their loved ones.  Through our LifePROTEKT affiliation we do this by increasing public awareness about the day-to-day issues faced by people on the spectrum, advocating for appropriate services for individuals across the lifespan, and providing the latest information regarding treatment, education, research and advocacy.
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