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Bharatbook added a new report on "Distributed Generation Markets in Europe: Expansion, investment and future opportunities" gives key drivers of Distributed Generation, as well as the major barriers to this sector.

Online PR News – 14-April-2010 – – Distributed Generation Markets in Europe: Expansion, investment and future opportunities

European efforts to combat climate change, improve security of supply, drive forward innovation, and boost competitiveness over the next decade will cause the distributed generation (DG) share of Europe''s installed electricity generation capacity to grow considerably. These drivers are encapsulated in the EU''s Energy and Climate Change Package endorsed for 2020, which sets ambitious headline targets for the EU. Furthermore, the growth of DG is an integral component of an emerging vision of an efficient and highly responsive ''European smart grid'', in which the actions of all electricity users are fully integrated, and the liberalization of the EU electricity market is pursued to a ''user-centric'' conclusion. ( http://www.bharatbook.com/detail.asp?id=133974&rt=Distributed-Generation-Markets-in-Europe-Expansion-investment-and-future-opportunities.html )

According to Improgres (Improvement of the Social Optimal Outcome of Market Integration of Distributed Generation (DG) and renewable energy resources (RES) in European Electricity Markets), EU-27 electricity generation from DG/RES will rise from 490 terrawatt hours per year (TWh/yr) in 2005 to about 1,280TWh/yr in 2030. The proportionate share of electricity generated will also grow from about 15% to approximately 26% during the same timeframe.

But there are a number of barriers holding back the further spread of DG in the European market. These range from simple commercial issues, such as the fact that the power produced is not currently cost-effective compared to bulk generated electricity, to more complex regulatory reforms. As well as great political will, overcoming all these hurdles involves money. Indeed, it is estimated that Europe will need to spend €2 trillion on upgrading its grid infrastructure over the next quarter century.

Scope of this report

• Achieve a quick and comprehensive understanding of the Distributed Generation sector in Europe
• Realize how the European power infrastructure is changing as government’s increasingly focus on reducing carbon dioxide emissions and improving security of supply
• Achieve a comprehensive understanding of the major barriers preventing a wide uptake of Distributed Generation and how these are being overcome
• Identify which countries are leading the way regarding Distributed Generation and which are struggling to embrace this area
• Identify how the legislative landscape is changing and how this will impact the Distributed Generation market over the next decade
Key questions answered

• What are the drivers shaping and influencing the Distributed Generation market in Europe?
• Which countries are leading the way regarding Distributed Generation?
• Which technologies are having the most impact on the Distributed Generation market?
• How is increasing power consumption and fears over the environmental impact of power generation increasing support for Distributed Generation at a national level?

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