Bharatbook : Preclinical Models - Innovative solutions to accelerate drug discovery and development

Bharatbook added a new report on "Preclinical Models: Innovative solutions to accelerate drug discovery and development" which gives the importance and outlook for Preclinical Models.

Online PR News – 14-April-2010 – – Preclinical Models: Innovative solutions to accelerate drug discovery and development

Preclinical models are developed to test lead compounds for toxicity and efficacy. They are valuable tools to minimize development costs and reduce failures prior to commencement of human trials. Problems with traditional animal models such as cost, ethics, and suitability has prompted researchers to develop new models and systems to overcome such disadvantages. Alternative approaches include new vertebrate, nonvertebrate, computer-based and imaging models that offer new perspectives and utility to aid the drug discovery and development process. ( )

This report explores novel preclinical models that show promise to expedite and improve the target validation and lead optimization timeline and discusses the various advantages and disadvantages of ADMET screening technologies to provide insight on which models or systems may enhance the R&D function of pharmaceutical and biotechnology organisations.

Additionally, the report provides an outlook for preclinical testing over the next decade and how pharmaceutical companies may need to adjust to new systems and models to improve their efficiencies. It uniquely focuses on more than 60 companies that are involved in using or developing ADMET technologies to advance preclinical research and provides an update on recent company activities and developments where new models and systems are employed to accelerate the discovery and development process.

Key features of this report

•Analysis of current developments in preclinical ADMET research for drug discovery and development
•Evaluation of the drivers behind innovation in preclinical research.
•Identifies the current trends in ADMET research and how technology companies are developing new models to improve and accelerate discovery and development.
•Analysis of current in-vivo, in-vitro, in-silico, and systems biology models that are advancing toxicity prediction in early drug discovery.

Scope of this report

•Understand the basis to ADMET testing and why it is a necessary and important component of preclinical research
•Up-to-date information on the preclinical models and systems currently used in drug discovery and development.
•Evaluation of the key recent developments and activities of companies who are developing and licensing new ADMET technologies.
•Identifies existing models and how new ones are being developed to improve productivity and knowledge.

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