Roofing Contractor in Virginia Beach Announces Unbeatable Summertime Rates

We look at our clients as friends," says Jeff. "And what do you do for your friends? You help them out."

Online PR News – 14-April-2010 – – Gift of Life Church in Virginia Beach needed a new roof. Like most ministries, the church did not have a lot of money to throw around. So they called Jeff Childers, Founder and Owner of Exterior Experts of Virginia . "We sat down and talked," says Jeff. "They said what they needed. I suggested some solutions. We talked over different options. After some more talk, we shook hands and went to work." Because everyone communicated exactly what was needed, Jeff found ways to bring things down both in terms of work and expense. "It's amazing what you can create when everyone comes to the table and says, 'Okay, we're not sure how this is going to work, but how can do this without killing the budget?'"

"We look at our clients as friends," says Jeff. "And what do you do for your friends? You help them out." The company works with shingle roofs, flat roofs, commercial and residential projects, and TPO roofs all over Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Suffolk, and Portsmouth. They help client plan and implement new roofs in a way that saves them money while it gives them years of trouble-free service.

Exterior Experts of Virginia is announcing a campaign to bring new clients unbeatable summertime rates. They want to work with potential clients to help them identify what they need in a new roof, and to assist them in coming up with ways of making that a reality.

"People forget there are hundreds of roofs and roofing materials," says Jeff. "At least they do until they need a new roof. Then sticker shock hits. So more often than I care to mention, property owners put the project off for far too long. When they finally get around to calling the roofing contractor, the job has blown up into something it never had to be."

Jeff doesn't want to see any more nonprofits or commercial businesses suffer this way. That's why he is offering roofing contractor services at a special reduced rate. "In the past, we had a rate card and we stuck to it pretty firmly," says Jeff. "Now, we want to take another approach. We want to take a look at what you have, what you may need. You tell us what you're looking for. Then we sit down like friends and come to some happy medium." Jeff says that the common perception about how expensive a roofing contractor can be is misplaced. "Ultimately, it comes down to the life of the building," he says. "Do you want a new roof or a whole new building?"

Exterior Experts of Virginia offers free, no-obligation estimates and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. "We won't pressure you to sign some document till you are completely sure you want to go through with this job," says Jeff. "Until then, just look at us as a friend. We'll give suggestions, but we're not asking you to fork over a fistful of money. Just talk to us. Talk to me. We want to help."