Tidewater Roofing and Siding Contractor Offers One-On-One Consultations for Property Buyers

Many property owners are being pushed to the edge these days. "You have people who have been out of work for months, maybe years," says Jeff.

Online PR News – 14-April-2010 – – It's a buyer's market in the real estate world these days. With so many property owners pressed to sell, smart buyers know that they can grab a deal. But when you go to buy a used or repossessed property, it's important to kick the figurative tires and check under the figurative hood. "You need to make sure that you're not buying a ton of roofing issues along with your new property," says Jeff Childers, Founder and Owner of Exterior Experts of Virginia. The locally owned company offers free consultations.

"Think about it. Without a roof, your new property isn't worth much," says Jeff. As an experienced professional roofer, he knows first hand what lack of maintenance and years of neglect will do to a roof in the Tidewater area. "You have winter. You have spring and summer and fall. The change of the seasons, the drenching rains and high winds we get around here, the snows and ice. It's a brutal environment for a roof."

Many property owners are being pushed to the edge these days. "You have people who have been out of work for months, maybe years," says Jeff. "They are busy trying to find ways to keep food in their families' stomachs. The last thing on their minds has been their roofs."

That is why Exterior Experts of Virginia is proud to offer more than just a warning about the dangers of buying a property with a bad roof. They want to do something about it.

"If you're in the market for a new building, don't purchase it unless you know what you're getting into," says Jeff. "We would be pleased to come out and look at the building with you. As the best roofer in the Tidewater and Hampton Roads area, we know exactly what to look for. We can alert you to trouble spots you may have missed. And most importantly, we can tell you if you're looking at a good deal or a heart attack."

Exterior Experts of Virginia also works with siding. "This is another area where distressed homeowners are not able to keep up," says Jeff. "And foreclosed properties? Forget it. Banks are not about to send anyone out to make sure that siding is cleaned and maintained." He counsels potential buyers to go over siding with a fine-toothed comb. "Make sure it's not faded with the sun, peeling, buckled, or damaged in any way. If the siding is in bad shape, chances are good that what is in back of it is not so hot either." Again, he recommends that potential buyers call him for a free consultation.

Exterior Experts of Virginia is proud of the fact that they never try to twist anyone's arms to buy something they do not want. "When we say that we'll help you evaluate a property, we mean just that," says Jeff. "We're not used-car salesmen here. We are highly recommended by past clients because we're straight, honest, and on the up and up." The company has references available upon request.

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