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The upcoming fiscal cliff may affect home owners and the repairs to those homes.

Online PR News – 28-December-2012 – Bellevue, WA – The thought of the U.S. dollar tumbling over the edge of the fiscal cliff has left many Americans feeling uneasy, and with a lot of unanswered questions. So what does a home have to do with the fiscal cliff? Well, it means time is running out for homeowners to make additions, and that includes finding a reliable roofing contractor that is willing to do the repairs.

The collapse of our nation's dollar means a lack of immediate funds. So if anything were to happen to the exterior of a house or its infrastructure, there would be no one there to offer reliable roof repair assistance. Outside environmental factors such as extreme winds, heat, hail, or even a mild storm can cause severe damage to the roof of a house, which would leave the ceiling of the house vulnerable to leaks and susceptible to cracks. And because no one wants this to happen, it's vital to get all roofing problems fixed before it's too late. This is where Guardian Roofing and their new location in Bellevue, Washington step in.

Homeowners in and around the Bellevue, Washington area could greatly benefit from having Guardian Roofing as their next Bellevue roofing contractor. Guardian Roofing is happy to give a free roof evalutation, and will check for any changes, repairs or adjustments that will be needed. Guardian Roofing employs courteous professionals that will work hard to generate the desired results, and will make sure the finished product is well within budget.

Moreover, instead of being forced to get a brand new roofing system installed, like many other roofing companies will insist on, Guardian Roofing only performs adjustments and repairs that are absolutely needed, so there will be no hidden costs or unnecessary fixes. Guardian Roofing abides by a strict 17 point roofing inspection system to help uncover problems and to avoid potential damages and costs later on.

Don't think of getting a roof repair or Roof Replacement as a hassle, but think of it as a cost-worthy investment that is protecting the overall structure of a home. Waiting until there's a noticeable leak usually means it's too late, and that major repairs and accompanying costs will be needed. Find and fix the underlying problem before any major damages occur, and help add several reliable years onto the life of a roof.

It's impossible to predict what may happen in the coming year, whether it's from intense outside conditions or from global financial conditions, but it's important to be ready for anything. A part of being well-prepared means staying safe under the roof of a home, and ensuring nothing happens to the invested amount that has been put into a house.

Guardian Roofing is a well-renowned Bellevue Roofing contractor that is proud to announce their new location in Bellevue, Washington, and offers a variety of quality roofing services, such as:

- Roof Replacement
- Major and Minor Roof Repair
- Metal, Shingle and Moss Roofing Solutions
- Flat Roofs

Guardian Roofing was founded by Aaron Santas, Matt Swanson, and Lori Swanson. Together they oversee all operations of the company from Sales, Client Services, and Administrative Services. Collectively Aaron, Matt, and Lori have been working in the roofing industry for 43 years.

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