Former Affiliate Newbie Creates No. 1 Internet Marketing Course

Business is good for an ex-newbie who created a membership program offering affiliate marketing training to beginners and newcomers. According to IM Report Card, it has been voted the No. 1 internet marketing service.

Online PR News – 14-April-2010 – – Chris Farrell’s internet marketing course officially launched 28 March 2009. Designed specifically for beginners wanting to earn a passive online income, it virtually became an instant success, earning him $20,000 a month within a short space of time.

“When I began I couldn’t find anybody that was willing or capable to explain to me how to make money online. So that’s why I created this membership site,” states Chris Farrell in a cheery English accent. A year later, thousands of members have testified they were finally earning their first online income.

Chris Farrell began learning about affiliate marketing in February 2008, hoping to persue a life of financial independence. Like many newbies, he quickly became frustrated with the sheer lack of simple, concise instruction he expected affiliate marketing training programs to have. While some gave up on their dream of online wealth, Chris devoted every minute he could to learning about the subject.

Chris you are so refreshing you come across so calm and collected just your attitude and simplicity is like a balm after all the hype and the pushing and the manipulation

Known for his generous ability to over deliver, Chris Farrell’s teaching style involves a series of organized video tutorials he created himself. Concepts involving technical knowledge such as uploading PDF files to web host servers are broken down into digestible bits that even non-tech savvy students are able to understand.

"Chris, you are so refreshing, you come across so calm and collected, just your attitude and simplicity is like a balm after all the hype and the pushing and the manipulation,” says Magdalene, a member of Chris Farrell’s affiliate marketing course.

Compared to his competitors, Chris Farrell focuses primarily on list-building strategy, one of the key mechanisms that allow industry experts to earn six and seven-figure incomes.

Members who join will have to purchase an autoresponder and register a domain name. However, the membership site offers free webhosting, free link cloaking, free PDF brander and access to several pre-recorded webinars and other various tools valued at $15,000.

“People don’t spend the time to learn the individual steps. Making money online is a skill. There is a process to success,” Chris emphasizes repeatedly. Evidently, students who followed the course techniques exactly as instructed saw the best results.

Internet marketing success has allowed this former London-based radio personality and his wife to migrate to Beverly Hills, California where Chris and his team base the membership’s operations.

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