Bailey’s Walking-After-Midnight Farm Announces a New Selection of “Grandma Safe” Horses to Adopt

Bailey’s Walking-After-Midnight Farm has just brought in a superior selection of gaited trail horses “of color” for trail pleasure.

Online PR News – 13-April-2010 – – Melissa Bailey, owner of Bailey’s Walking-After-Midnight Farm, searches the countryside for trail savvy gaited horses in need of a new home. Most often she finds Tennessee Walkers, also known as the Golden Retriever of the horse world with a forgiving attitude and a gait any rider would appreciate. "This is why they are known in riding circles as The Glide Ride.”

Melissa recently brought five spectacular new horses from Tennessee to Bailey’s Walking-After-Midnight Farm. This brings the total of horses that currently reside at the farm, but are looking for new homes, to 14 (Tennessee Walking Horses and Spotted Saddle Horses). Two of the new horses brought in found new homes almost immediately because Melissa has a well earned reputation for offering only the best horses on her Farm so her horses sometimes go quickly to homes all over the world.

Melissa is very particular about the horses she brings to the farm, trains if necessary, and places in new homes. Each horse must have the right disposition and training; “Grandma safe is the term you will hear often at the Farm." While the newest selection includes primarily horses of color, Melissa claims, “We don’t buy horses for color. We buy them for extraordinary temperament with exquisite gaits.” If however, special coloring is important to any client, every color you can imagine has been or will be seen at this locale. You should be proud of your steed, so if the coloring you are seeking is not available when you visit, check back often. Melissa brings in new horses approximately every six weeks.

On Bailey’s Walking-After-Midnight Farm, no adoption is an overnight event. People interested in owning one of the special Tennessee Walkers must pass muster. Melissa and team are looking for forever homes for each horse. She seeks to create a custom experience for each potential owner so that they can make sure they take home what they thought they were getting.

New owners do not have to be experienced riders, nor own expansive estates, but they must truly love horses the way Melissa does, have the skills and capability to properly care for the animals they adopt, the desire to provide a forever home, and the desire to get out and ride often. While these horses are really gentle souls, they need regular exercise as much as their owners do.

Novice riders will be taught proper handling of the horse, and if necessary how to ride; and each potential new parent will be compatibility paired to ensure that horse and rider are a good match. Training with Melissa and staff includes trail rides at Bailey Farm. riding lessons are available for all age levels beginning with children as young as 5 and seniors over 60 are also welcome. Lessons always emphasize safety and control over the horse, but a pleasurable experience is always the end goal too. The riding instructor, Sharon Raynor, has been teaching both children and adults how to ride since 1989.

No horse leaves Bailey’s Walking-After-Midnight Farm after just one ride with the potential new owner. Melissa wants to see that a real connection has been made between horse and rider. In addition, each horse leaves with the bit and bridle it is used to, which of course is of top quality; one last caring touch that anyone wishing to own a horse can expect from their adoption/purchase from Melissa Bailey and her team.

Bailey’s Walking-After-Midnight Farm is located in Winchester, in the heart of horse country in Virginia. The Farm is operated by Melissa and her husband Col. Charles Bailey who are avid trail riders. At the Walking-After-Midnight Farm, the Baileys breed, purchase and train Tennessee Walkers and Spotted Saddle horses for equestrian lessons, trail rides, and to ultimately find forever homes for all the horses. “The Bailey’s reputation for raising top quality trail riding horses and providing high-touch customer care draws clients from all over the country.” For more information about Bailey’s Walking-After-Midnight Farm, and the horses or services available, please visit the website at, call Melissa directly at 540-303-0569, or email her at

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