A Simple Proven Alternative to Spanking a Child from the SR® Institute

Spanking one's child will produce the equivalent of a junk yard dog. Parent's need to ask themselves if this is the result they want to produce.

Online PR News – 13-April-2010 – – Spanking one's child will begin the process of making the equivalent of a junk yard dog states Kelly Burris, PhD founder of the Subconscious Restructuring® Institute. The only reason one would have for spanking a child is there is simply not an alternative.

There is not only an alternative but one that is incredibly simple and produces a long list of benefits for the child as opposed to long list of negatives which is what spanking does.

The question every parent needs to ask is...do I want to make a junk yard dog or do I want to produce a loving happy child/adult? If one does not wish to produce a junk yard dog there is a simple proven alternative form the SR® Institute.

As soon as a child is able to communicate they understand the term 'results.' Therefore if a parent teaches a child that everything they do produces a 'result' this is the foundation of eliminating one's dictatorial position and the beginning of empowering the child to monitoring their own behavior.

The first question to the child is 'Do you want to benefit from everything you do?' The child will of course say yes. The next thing to do as the parent is lay out the 'results' the child will produce if they indulge in a behavior that may endanger them or is otherwise unacceptable. If the child indulges in the behavior the parent implements the 'results' previously expressed to the child that they would produce. You let your child know they are the one who produced the 'result' and ask them if they benefited from their action.

Programming one's child with this basic tool will get them to stop and think about all 'results' they produce from anything they may do. The best way to protect a child is to make them an independent thinker and this is the first step to accomplish this.

As a parent what 'results' do you want to produce in regard to your child?

About the Author

Kelly Burris, PhD is a behavioral scientist, author of nine books on human behavior and the developer of Subconscious Restructuring®. SR® has 26 years of research refinement and documented results in regard to the full spectrum of human behavior. Kelly offers a Counseling – Life Coach Certification based on the SR® process.

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