Polaris Announces Two New Product Solutions for Youth Behavioral Health Care

Polaris Health Directions has introduced two new youth products for the behavioral health care market to support better outcomes in the wraparound setting.

Online PR News – 14-April-2010 – – Polaris Health Directions introduces the Polaris-CANS and Smart Wraparound solutions to support better youth outcomes.

The Polaris-CANS solution is designed to cost-effectively administer the CANS (Child and Adolescent Needs and Strengths) assessment, which is used in more than 30 states across the country. This automated solution for measurement, reporting and staff training maximizes the benefits of CANS for users. The Polaris-CANS solution is modular so users can choose the software configuration that best suits their needs. For example, it can be customized with additional items and features such as management reports and aggregate clinical reports.

In recognition of the tight resources within the public sector, the Polaris-CANS solution is priced affordably – at $8 per youth each month. Automated, stand-alone training for the system is $49 per trained clinician.

The Polaris Smart-Wraparound solution will help improve the performance of wraparound youth programs with its predictive capabilities and standardized behavioral health assessments. Breakthrough predictive technology provides clinicians with recommended service mixes for youth at the individual level to improve outcomes and lower treatment program costs. Pricing varies.

Both the Polaris-CANS and Polaris Smart-Wraparound solutions will be displayed in a vendor booth at the sixth annual CANS conference, titled “Producing Outcomes, Encouraging Best Practices and Building Families.” The conference will be held in San Francisco from April 17-20.

For more information on Polaris-CANS, visit http://www.polarishealth.com/solutions/polaris_CANS.html

For more information on Smart-Wraparound, visit

About Polaris Health Directions:
At Polaris, we recognize that organizations cannot manage what they do not measure. Many behavioral health care providers and payers may not be collecting and analyzing enough of the right data to answer basic questions about the cost-effectiveness of the care they offer. Polaris's advanced technology and science driven assessment systems are designed to capture the clinical data essential to quality improvement and enhanced organizational management. Polaris solutions provide advanced analytics to help you improve and demonstrate to your customers the value of your care. With a focus on prediction, Polaris solutions do more than describe clinical change. Our systems also indicate if treatment is likely to have a positive result. Helping you make better decisions in the present by anticipating the future will be the difference in reducing your costs while improving patient care.