Another product in the GEZE 'barrier- free range' receives award from the GGT.

GEZE GmbH is one of the world's leading developers and manufacturers of construction systems for door, window and safety technology.

Online PR News – 28-December-2012 – Tamilnadu – The low energy GEZE Perlan AUT-NT sliding door drive has passed the GGT German Society for Gerontechnology user test with the rating 'good'. Perlan AUT-NT allows internal sliding doors to be automated intelligently and cost-effectively. The award for the sliding door drive underlines GEZE's commitment to barrier-free construction. The GGT seal of quality awards products which have been tested by the target audience in the 50+ generation in terms of functionality, user comfort, maintenance and care. As well as the low energy sliding door drive, GEZE has previously received the GGT seal of quality for its TS 5000 ECline with guide rail and its ECturn swing door drive.
Internal sliding doors are becoming increasingly popular. Ideal in offices, hotels, surgeries or in private homes, they do not take up any space when opened. Intelligent solutions ensure better home comforts and a bright, transparent ambience. Glass and wooden sliding doors with door leafs of up to 80 kilograms are automated by means of the virtually soundless Perlan AUT-NT sliding door system by GEZE. The system is a simple, elegant and at the same time cost-effective solution which, of course, also boasts a lot of convenient features. As an alternative to buttons or motion sensors, lightly pushing the door activates the 'Push&Go' function and sets the drive in motion. The opening and closing speed of up to 30 centimetres per second, coupled with gentle acceleration and braking, ensure added comfort. In case of a power failure, the door can be opened manually and therefore passed through safely even in emergency situations.
The Perlan AUT-NT's Low-Energy Certification complies with the DIN 18650 safety standard for automatic doors. This includes the power reduction and automatic reverse if a barrier is touched. People or objects are thus prevented from becoming trapped. This is why there is no need for a safeguard incorporating additional security sensors.
Barrier-freedom grants independence and a greater quality of life not only to older people, but also to children, people pushing children's buggies and the disabled or mobility restricted. But barrier-freedom is important to anyone because it makes life simpler and more comfortable in all sorts of situations. It is thus a key topic for every generation, both today and tomorrow. Whether in the work place or at home, anyone who has tried to unlock a door when walking on crutches or loaded up with heavy bags will appreciate the help and convenience of an automatically opening door. GEZE product solutions offer this convenience, because barrier-free construction with GEZE means taking account of personal wishes and individual requirements to make life easier and more convenient.