The Launch Of Islamic Mobile Application Store By
12/28/2012 has ventured into a new realm with the launch of their new Islamic mobile App store.

Online PR News – 28-December-2012 – Ash-burn, Virginia, USA – has ventured into a new realm with the launch of their new Islamic mobile App store. This new App store mainly focuses on different types of Islamic applications that can run on both Apple devises and Android operating system. says that they have introduced this particular App store to help those Muslims who are unable to get Islamic education due to any reason. App store is comprised of many Islamic applications ranging from a complete Hajj guide to Muslims Kids names. The App store has tried to include applications about almost all fields of Islamic knowledge. For instance, there is an application about life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and his companions (R.A.) and on the other hand, there is an application about correct pronunciation of Noorani Quranic alphabets.

According to, App store has been designed according to the actual requirements of Qur’an reading and understanding the message that Holy Quran encloses. The reason of launching this App store is to enable Muslims parents to educate their kids about Islam and the teachings of Holy Quran.

The online Quran academy further explains that it has tried to provide adequate Quran teaching to the Muslims living across the globe especially in European countries and USA, Canada and Australia. The people in these areas cannot usually find a well learned, experienced, and reliable Islamic scholar or Quran tutor to acquaint themselves and their kids about their religion. These applications are a welcome relieve for the worries of such Muslims as they convert the screens of their mobiles into a live quran tutor.

As far as response to QuranReading App store, it has become very popular among children and adults overnight. Adults find these apps really informative and useful in order to learn Quran and Islam. To kids these applications are very exciting and a fun to play that makes learning process really enjoyable. is an online Quran tutoring institution operating in Virginia, USA for more than 5 years. Visit Islamic App store here;