Rhona Silver Is A Caterer Who Has Raised The Bar Of Competition

“Ms. Rhona Silver is a caterer par excellence, who has redefined the face of the catering industry, with hard-work and determination to reach to the top”.

Online PR News – 28-December-2012 – New York, NY – Ms. Rhona Silver is a caterer, who has literally raised the bar for enthusiasts who want to make it big in the industry. She owns Caterbid.com (along with her son and daughter), a catering website, which has earned a reputation for being one of the most sought after sites for catering in the vicinity.

Ms. Rhona Silver is a master catering diva who has become a famous name in the business for providing quality and class in their services. She has brought catering much above the past practice of serving food in parties. Rhona has made it about the entire experience, the ambiance, the art of making and serving delicious food on occasions.

People have relished being a part of the parties that Ms. Silver's firm has served at. In the yesteryear, Ms. Silver hosted parties and other events at the Huntington Townhouse, which was known all over the country for the exuberant venue that it offered for hosting special functions. It was a place that hosted a number of parties for famous people such as politicians and celebrities as well as the common people of the place.

Ms. Silver got her inspiration for being a caterer, back in her childhood. This was because her family had been in the trade since many years and it was but natural that she got attracted towards the line of trade. However, when she grew up, she realized that it was her dream too, and took effective steps towards making her own distinct name in the catering business. She made her own way for making it big in the business and put in years of determination and hard work to reach the top of her game.