UK Car Insurance Providers – 75% of Motorists Urge Insurers to Take Tougher Measures

A new study from the Association of British Insurers reveals that as many as three quarters of UK motorists are happy for UK car insurance providers to take tougher measures against those who continue to flout motoring laws – increasing motor insurance across all markets.

Online PR News – 13-April-2010 – – The ABI noted that 72 percent of the 2,000 drivers surveyed would support any changes to information available to UK car insurance providers in order to catch out dishonest motorists.

At present a car insurance claim can be made without disclosing previous motoring offences on a driving licence, but understandably these are eventually rejected when they come to fruition.

Any inaccuracies made on car insurance documentation will invalidate any UK car insurance claim which makes it even more baffling as to why motorists continue to try and flout the legislation.

Over a third of British drivers fear motorists who drive without car insurance as they use their vehicles without fear and are therefore a greater risk of causing a road accident.

Cries for harsher penalties against drivers who are caught using mobile phones at the wheel continue to rumble on. The University of Utah recently revealed that using a mobile device whilst driving worsens the driving ability of 97.5 percent on the motorways. is managed by a team of car insurance professionals and car enthusiasts. Our aim is to enable you to find all the information you need to get a competitive UK car insurance quote. With over 50 UK auto insurance providers, you can be sure of finding the quote and the information you need.