Ittiam Extends HD Video to USB-based H.264 Video Cameras

Low cost, robust Video Camera solution fine-tuned for HD Video Communications Systems

Online PR News – 13-April-2010 – – Bangalore, India – Ittiam Systems today announced the general availability of a high definition (HD) USB video camera solution for both embedded- and PC-based enterprise-class video communications applications. Ittiam’s USB camera solution has already been licensed to top-tier Internet protocol (IP) communication companies. The latest offering is a low cost solution that lowers the cost of the end product by off-loading compute-intensive encoding from the main processor.

Based on a Texas Instruments (TI) TMS320DM36x DaVinci™ video processor, the USB video camera system delivers high-quality H.264-based HD video at 720p at 30 frames per second. It also supports H.263 compression standard for backward compatibility. Tuned for high-quality, robust video communications applications, the system supports error-resilient, compressed bit stream, low latency toolsets and advanced Quality of Service (QoS) features even under low-latency conditions. In addition, the camera system provides critical maintainability and usability features, including remote upgradability, self view and asymmetric resolution video-call to enable communication with non-HD end points.

"Our USB video phone camera leverages Ittiam’s deep experience in video communication technology to deliver a solution that is fine tuned for the end application and precisely timed for the market,” said Rohit Bhuva, vice president, business development, Ittiam. "With wider deployment of USB-based interfaces, we see increasing proliferation of plug-and-play accessories for high-end applications.”

As a turn-key solution, the USB camera system comes bundled with the HD video camera engine complete with Board Support Package (BSP) and hardware. The driver sub-system includes USB video class device drivers for both the DM365 DaVinci video processor and the host processors.

“Ittiam’s new USB camera solution, equipped with TI’s DM365 DaVinci video processor, allows customers to utilize HD video to support many robust video communications applications,” said Sonia Ghelani, DM3xx product line marketing manager, TI. “With easy and cost-effective peripheral integration and support, Ittiam customers benefit from this low-cost, comprehensive system.”

The USB video camera system from Ittiam is also available for high-quality and latency-sensitive applications for video surveillance and monitoring.

This system can be licensed in a flexible production model that combines an upfront fee and a royalty-per-unit production. To enable customers minimize their cost of exploration and marketing, Ittiam also offers a prototype license option. In addition, an evaluation license is available for a fixed duration for customers interested in detailed evaluation of the system.

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