izmomedia Launches e-Reader: Device-Independent Software Frees Publishers from Hardware Lock-In

izmoReader will be unveiled on the Apple iPad at the MediaXchange conference in Orlando, April 11th – 14th

Online PR News – 13-April-2010 – – Orlando, FL: izmomedia (www.izmomedia.com), a leading provider of digital media solutions, today announced the release of izmoReader, the company’s device independent e-reader software system. izmoReader is a digital publishing and advertising system that empowers newspapers and media companies to take advantage of the explosive growth in device-based news and content readers by digitally publishing existing web-based content to a network of subscribers, regardless of the hardware device used by the consumer.
News readers, which aggregate digital media content including news, video, audio, and other interactive content, are gaining significant traction in today’s media market. According to a January 2010 Consumer Electronics Association’s research report, the e-reader device market will double in 2010, doubling again by the end of 2012, and reach a total market size of 16 million e-readers by 2014.
“The rapidly growing interest in digital e-readers is increasingly shaping the media market,” said Tej Soni, president of izmomedia. “The key challenges for publishers in the face of this evolving media trend are 1) which device to bet on, 2) how to monetize news reader content, and 3) how to manage that content across a large network of subscribers. All three of these challenges are solved by izmoReader, which is unique in the industry.”
izmoReader is available as a downloadable “app” that allows a media company or other content publisher to upload, edit and manage content either directly or from existing content on their website. The content is then automatically distributed across the Web to participating subscribers who have installed izmoReader on their devices. Subscribers are provided a free download of izmoReader which automatically syncs with the publishing system, accepts the daily publication and makes it available to the subscriber both online and offline, along with targeted advertising.
izmoReader delivers interactive print, audio and video integration to publishers and is able to converge news and interactive media. With izmoReader, publishers can tap into this huge - and rapidly expanding - subscriber group and add to their readership figures by taking advantage of channels other than traditional media. At the same time, publishers can add to their revenue through banner ads, classified ads, masthead sponsorship, channel sponsorship and paid subscriptions.

Designed to be compatible with all hardware devices the subscriber might be using (personal computer, Amazon Kindle, Apple iPhone and iPad, Barnes & Nobel Nook, etc…), izmoReader is multimedia-enabled for delivery of rich interactive content and can seamlessly integrate with existing digital content publishing systems.
The izmoReader publishing system is built on Adobe AIR, the industry standard platform for rich Internet applications deployment, and offers, among others, features that can block viewing by non-paying subscribers and automatically compile subscriber profile information.
izmomedia will demonstrate izmoReader, including an Apple iPad version, at the upcoming MediaXchange conference in Orlando, Florida, April 11th – April 14th, booth #900.
About izmomedia:
izmomedia provides digital publishing technology to help traditional media grow its audience and extend its footprint and brand identity through innovative features that encourage interactivity and user participation. izmoReader, the company’s new and innovative digital publishing and advertising system for newspapers and media companies, publishes existing web-based content to a network of subscribers, regardless of the hardware device used by the consumer. The izmomedia Carsite portal generates new classified advertising revenue streams for media companies while helping to shore up existing revenue streams by taking traditional media sales and marketing online and integrating it with user needs.
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