Adagio Ballet Discusses Their Jazz Curriculum

Adagio Ballet discusses their various jazz curriculum for dancers of all skill levels.

Online PR News – 13-April-2010 – . – Arlington, Virginia 4/12/2010 - Adagio Ballet is excited to discuss their jazz curriculum that is available at their dance studios. The good news is that it’s not just for the advanced as lessons are accessible to dancers of all skill levels.

"We truly love the uniqueness of our jazz program; it is based off of a classical jazz dance technique. This type of program is perfect for the dancer that has the flair for drama yet loves to dance as well. Dancers of all levels can show off their dramatic side as well as how amazingly they can dance," stated the talented Program Director Svetlana Marintcheva of Adagio Ballet.

Adagio ballet has 4 levels of Jazz instruction: beginner, intermediate, advanced and a jazz intensive level. By following a classical jazz approach, they hope to teach their students strength, flexibility, rhythm and balance through the expression of dance in this form.

Movements and skill will develop each year as the students participate in the program. A strong stage presence will also be cultivated during the classes. The jazz program has the perfect balance of dance and drama. Instructors will not only be working hard to refine each dancer’s moves, they will also be ensuring that they have fun while they learn. Adagio Ballet can boast that their teachers are life long learners and can therefore provide top instruction to students at every stage of dance.

With a reputation for always putting students first, it’s no surprise to hear Marintcheva go on to say, "This program could be one of our most exciting programs. We have taken our time to develop the jazz classes to ensure that our pupils not only master precise and specific dance skills, but also learn how to have more refined stage presence. These lessons will certainly carry over to other forms of dance and other aspects of their lives in a positive manner."

Adagio Ballet is located in the Fairfax and Arlington, VA areas. For more information on their Jazz Dance Program, please call 703-527-8900. You can also visit their website at