topseos Announces the Best Video SEO optimization Agencies for April 2010

The best video SEO optimization firms have been announced by topseos, the independent authority on search vendors, for April 2010. The firms on this list were the best when it came to helping clients improve their video search engine rankings.

Online PR News – 12-April-2010 – – Plymouth, IN -- The independent authority on search vendors, topseos, has named the best video search optimization firms for April 2010. These firms were selected from among thousands of other applicants based upon their knowledge of video SEO strategies. The firms on this list were the best at helping their clients achieve better rankings and more traffic from video search engines.

Thousands of firms were filtered through by an experienced research team with the independent authority on search vendors. They also contacted at least three clients in order to gain their perspective of working with the firm. Clients were asked questions such as, "How are videos optimized for important key phrases? Are key phrases tagged?", "Are videos on the site being used as links to other content on the site or other portals?", and "Has a video sitemap been designed and put into place on the site?”.

The best video SEO optimization companies for April 2010 are:

1. HighPoint Search Marketing
2. Fathom SEO
3. Avant Site
4. OMNI Marketing
5. EveryZing
6. PG1 Search
7. Lancer Media
8. Turnkey Video Seo
9. Keyword Performance LLC
10. USO Networks, the independent authority on search vendors, was launched in 2002 in search of the best internet marketing service. With the value that thousands of businesses were finding from the independent rankings, the site then launched regionally into the United Kingdom, Australia, India, and Canada. Since then, over 50,000 monthly visitors connect with the independent authority seeking to find the best in the industry for their business needs.

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