Online Auto Insurance Suggests High Risk Drivers Compare Multiple Insurers

High risk drivers may have a more difficult time finding affordable auto insurance, but comparisons can be the key to affordability.

Online PR News – 12-April-2010 – – Motorists that have acquired several tickets and accidents or have been convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs are often considered to be riskier to insure by coverage providers and generally pay higher rates; suggests that these motorists complete a thorough comparison of rates from various companies before settling for inflated premiums.

With the large amount of insurers in the market competing for business, consumers should be aware that each view motorists differently and will charge different amounts for coverage; although some carriers may target drivers that are considered to be in the preferred and standard market, there are also carriers that specialize in auto insurance for high risk drivers and can provide an affordable rate to these individuals.

Comparison shopping is probably the most effective tool that consumers have when looking to obtain reasonable rates as a driver considered to be riskier to insure. Comparison websites such as offer visitors the ability to obtain quotes from various companies to see which is the most reasonably priced; by simply entering information and listing violations, visitors will be able to compare rates from carriers wiling to accept elevated risks.

Unfortunately there are high risk drivers who may not be able to find a company that will insure them; these individuals may need to seek assistance from their state. Many states have developed programs that provide assistance to help these residents get insured. Programs such as the Oklahoma Automobile Insurance Program will try to connect residents with agents that may be able to cover their vehicle. For more information visit:

For assistance and additional help locating a company that will cover motorists with higher risks, consumers can visit for tips on how to get insured at an affordable rate as a riskier driver.

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