Social Media Marketing Strategy Study: Twitter vs. Facebook Business Applications

Social Media marketing strategy comparison of Facebook vs. Twitter for business to determine which produces more effective Internet marketing results.

Online PR News – 12-April-2010 – – Comparison of the Social Media marketing strategy advantages and applications of Twitter verse Facebook for businesses. This part of the analysis examines the effectiveness of Facebook vs. Twitter from a business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) Internet marketing strategies perspective.

What follows is a summary of a detailed study that was performed by Irbtrax SEO Internet marketing and took several months to complete. This is part four of a larger Social Media strategy study. To view a release containing the key findings of parts one, two and three visit:


Summary of Business to Business marketing advantages:

Twitter advantages- Twitter performed better in the general business to business marketing category due to its viral marketing benefits. Viral Marketing is a core business to business social media application for Internet exposure and expediency. The 140 character Twitter Re-Tweets (RT's) that include links to popular or relevant business content can increase branding, drive website traffic and multiply outside of the Twitter network. Including being streamed in Google 'Real Time' searches and featured on many third party resource platforms. The study also concluded that it's not even necessary to have a large group of followers to benefit from Twitter's viral marketing advantages.

Facebook advantages- Facebook performed better in the business to business marketing category for select companies that are 'personalities'. These are companies that are already universally recognized by their name, product or service. As such they naturally attract large followings and these followers often take the time to share relevant or important content among themselves and their followers.

Summary of Business to Consumer marketing advantages:

Facebook advantages- Facebook performed better in the majority of Business to Consumer marketing categories due to its format. A format that allows for the inclusion of photos, multiple outbound links, videos, surveys, promotions, direct engagement and other business to consumer applications. Facebook also facilitates the building of a large network of followers in the shortest amount of time to help market a consumer product or service.

Twitter advantages- Twitter performed very well in the Business to Consumer marketing category where mobile real time applications were vital. Mobile real time applications involve announcements that are time sensitive, distributed through a wireless network and intended for your target audience. Announcements of a spontaneous nature involving special offers, breaking news or notification of impromptu public appearances.

Conclusion- The larger study concludes that in order to maximize your Social Media Internet marketing results it's best to create a presence on both. However, if trying to decide which one to engage first or where to spend the most amount of your available time- It's important to perform basic Internet Market research, apply the findings to your target audience and weigh the benefits of each platform. The larger study also concluded that SEO combined with Social Media Marketing will yield greater potential results. See:


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