T Mobile HTC Hero Strengthens Democracy, thanks to UK Digital Election this year

Enjoying UK T Mobile HTC Hero Android has never been so fruitful. The user can also participate in the UK elections with a tool, “Digital Debate” powered by Google Moderator.

Online PR News – 12-April-2010 – – Social networking sites, Facebook and Youtube will be hosting a “Digital Debate”. This is something, which is surely going to bring a revolutionary phase in the UK elections this year.

As the Android 2.1 update for the European HTC Hero is set to arrive on 16 April, the UK elections will take place on 6 May 2010.

Both the dates seem to be confirmed as HTC headquarters has confirmed for HTC Hero and the UK elections date is unquestionable.

In fact the latest technological advancements pertaining to the social networking exercises would certainly help the voters of the UK to enjoy elections in its entirety.

What's more, as the HTC Hero is set to come out by April 16, laying hands on it would surely make it even more worthwhile.

It will give potential voters a chance to participate in the elections like never before thus exalting the status of UK general elections this year. So, good news for all the three main party leaders.

So, the user can use his HTC Hero to put questions in either "text or video form. As there are various categories including Economy; Health & Education; Law & Order; Foreign Policy; etc, one can register oneself and reap enormous benefits.

Apart from the benefits, the questions will be publicly viewable, so it would certainly mean more voter participation thus resulting in better results.

In fact, that is what made Richard Allan, Facebook's Director of Policy, say: “The dawn of the digital election this year is a transformative moment for democracy in Britain. By allowing voters to cross-examine their leaders, these digital debates will put the voters firmly in charge. This marks a decisive shift away from the constraints of top-down traditional media and will take full advantage of unique scale and reach of Facebook, thus changing the way that politicians campaign for good”.