Pay Per Sale Advertising Now Offers an Alternative to Conventional Advertising w/ No Payment Upfront

Pay Per Sale Advertising is just that...clients pay only when PPSA brings them sales, not clicks or impressions. Pay Per Sale is hassle-free advertising that gets BIG results with NO financial risk.

Online PR News – 23-December-2012 – Los Angeles, California – Pay Per Sale Advertising is hassle-free advertising that gets BIG results with NO financial risk, which is why many are saying it is the Best Advertising form of the 21st century. Advertising just got easier! Pay Per Sale Advertising is sometimes referred to as PPSA, PPS or Pay Per Sale for short. It is considered to be the Holy Grail of Advertising for several reasons. Unlike Pay Per Click and CPM (Cost Per Impression) you are not paying regardless of the results you receive. In fact, you only pay a negotiated percentage of each sale guaranteeing you a profit when you are approved as a PPSA client. Not all business types qualify for PPSA, but most do. You'll never waste time or money again once you discover the power of Pay Per Sale. It is that effective and that good!

Pay Per Sale Advertising currently works with national companies, but is gearing up to work with small and medium size clients as well. PPSA not only works on a percentage of cash flow, but we can become your partner and work for an equity stake or a reduced commission combination equity stake. As a stakeholder, we can drive sales to companies as if we were their standalone / in-house advertising agencies and this is a very popular option for clients who realise that with PPSA as their partner, we can drive millions of dollars in business per month to them.

Companies choose Pay Per Sale Advertising for many reasons and not just instead of Pay Per Click (PPC). Businesses use Pay Per Sale Advertising as a substitute for many other forms of advertising as well. PPSA welcomes Super Angels and VCs to join us, as our venue is truly the Best Investment around. In short, PPSA is The Next Big Thing. Visit our site to watch the video.

Pay Per Sale Advertising services clients globally, generating millions of dollars in sales per month for our clients.

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