Zoomer Magazine Awards Functional Fitness Arthritis DVD 5 Stars

Dr. David J. Demko, gerontologist and editor-in-chief, ZOOMER™ Magazine awards Functional FitnessArthritis DVD 5 stars.

Online PR News – 12-April-2010 – – The senior living industry has expanded to such proportions that it's become an exercise in ... EXERCISE.

80 million baby boomers, plus 30 million current retirees are causing the fitness industry to grow at a fever pitch.

But, as we all know, even the thought of fitting exercise into our busy lifestyles is exhausting in itself. Besides, exercise isn't much fun.

"That's good news to Suzanne Andrews. For the past 30 years, she's managed to put FUN into Fitness" says Dr. David J. Demko, editor, ZOOMER™ magazine.

Suzanne is a licensed occupational therapist. What better credentials for putting more Zip Zoomers?

Unlike other fitness programs that call for tons of new exercise equipment, Suzanne's program offers an at-home workout using, of all things, household products as weight-lifting tools. Suzanne calls it Functional Fitness ™ because the focus is on strengthening real life body mechanics.

To date, this prolific entrepreneur has produced eight 30-minute DVDs on functional fitness targeting:
Diabetes: improve circluation
Brain Power: memory boosters
Fat Burning: plus-size shape ups
Pain Free: back and neck
COPD and Asthma: breath easier
Bone Builder: fit osteoporosis
Better Balance: decrease fall risks
Suzanne's latest FUNCTIONAL FITNESS™ DVD targets arthritis and helps reduce pain, stiffness, and improve flexibility so you can keep up with your grand kids.

What more could this busy lady do? Perhaps, you've already guessed. Suzanne is now the star of the new PBS TV show on WDSC TV 15 at Dayton State College Public Broadcasting.

ZOOMER™ Media Review Rating
Functional Fitness Arthritis DVD awarded 5-5 Stars for excellence in content, presentation and delivery. "Truly an exercise in excellence," Dr. David J. Demko, founder and editor, ZOOMER™ magazine.