Website Optimization Tips For Impending Google Caffeine Update: Case Study

Independent study shows many businesses are not using best practice website optimization techniques in advance of impending Google Caffeine full launch.

Online PR News – 11-April-2010 – – SEO Internet Marketing firm recently engaged in its second analysis of random Business to Business (B2B) websites. During this research the majority of websites analyzed failed to meet best practice website optimization techniques and standards. An important finding given that the full launch of Google Caffeine is expected in light of the increase in weekly sightings.

The goal of Google Caffeine is to enhance user search experience by providing accurate and relevant search engine results pages (SERP's) combined with a 'Real Time' search feature. 'Real Time' searches include live up-to-minute Twitter feeds as well as current content from other Social Media and news sites.

The independent study conducted by Irbtrax SEO Internet Marketing and Market Research revealed that a majority of business websites haven't taken advantage of several of the following important Google Caffeine best practice elements. Elements emphasized by Caffeine because they enhance user search experience by delivering accuracy, relevancy, efficiency and sufficiency:

Failure to include keyword enhanced URL's (Accuracy)
Shortage of updated, relevant or unique website content. (Relevancy)
META Tags that are not properly or effectively constructed. (Accuracy)
Absence of quality outbound links related to the site's theme. (Relevancy)
Poorly formatted site navigation and internal linking techniques. (Efficiency)
No Social Media involvement or Bookmarking where applicable. (Sufficiency)
Problems with page or site download times due to bandwidth issues. (Efficiency)
Low Internet visibility with regards to content related to site's services (Sufficiency)

View the following release for a list of website and search engine optimization techniques and tips:

Irbtrax SEO Internet Marketing founder Scott Moir adds- "It appears that many businesses that depend on the Internet for their prosperity have yet to implement best practice Google Caffeine optimization techniques. Practices that if properly applied will immediately help them gain a marketing advantage over their competition."

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