Datacard SP25 Plus Single Sided Card Printer

IDCards-Printers proudly announce the launch of Datacard SP25 Plus Single Sided Card Printer.

Online PR News – 11-April-2010 – – We are launching Datacard SP25 Plus Single Sided Card Printer with an extremely affordable price, this highly efficient single sided ID Card Printer is the perfect choice for those looking out for a printer that can print a wide range of attractive photo ID cards and badges, as well as rewriting technologies without having to spend too much. This is perhaps the least expensive ID card system in the entire SP series line.

Being a rather simple to use and flexible printer, this Datacard ID Card Printer has the capability to produce monochrome as well as full-color cards and also produces rewritable cards, which helps save money, time and the waste caused by reissuance of numerous cards.

The high-quality rewritable cards printed by Datacard SP25 Plus Single Sided Card Printer are used largely in the transportation, healthcare, retail and education sectors. This PVC ID Card Printer offers a highly affordable method to alter the information on current ID cards, without having to worry about time and money. Basically Datacard’s Single Sided Card Printer consists of the most innovative rewritable card technology, which enables it to deliver 300 dpi monochrome and colorful photos and text on a rewritable card stock. This consists of a layer, which is sensitive to heat and can be rewritten around 500 times. In not more than 12 seconds, this Datacard ID Card Printer erases and rewrites every card that is manually fed by the user. It rewriting capabilities help many of us easily update information on our ID Cards.

The SP25 plus card printers are generally used to produce rewritable as well as reusable cards, thereby helping you change dynamic information easily and issue reusable cards to each new cardholder every time the information on the card is changed. This single sided card printer is most easily the best dual function printer one can get, considering that it can produce full-color as well as monochrome cards with rewritable card printing capabilities. This enables users to print cards that require both color printing and rewriting technologies.

The maintenance and functionality of Datacard SP25 Plus Single Sided Card Printer are extremely easy. Moreover, its ribbon is also extremely easy to load, which guarantees trouble-free and quick ribbon changing. The best part is that the ribbon cartridges of this printer are reusable, which helps reduce waste.

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