Following Layoff, Prescott Mother Turned Skill into Blooming Cookie Business

Katie Dean tapped into her creativity to bring in income for family after her husband's layoff.

Online PR News – 10-April-2010 – – Digging deep to reach talents many thought could only be hobbies, mothers are searching within to offer quality goods and services while making up for lost household wages. With husbands laid off or hours cut, today's family has to come up with some creative ways to cut costs and bring in income. One mother uses her gourmet cookies to spread joy and bring in an extra dime here and there.

Katie Dean, of Oh Katie! Cookies,, thought the gourmet, liqueur-infused cookies she makes were just something she had talent for. Sharing them with friends and family made her realize she might have something that people would pay for and love as much as she does. After her husband was laid off at the end of 2009, a friend encouraged her to consider the cookies a real business.

"Often, when I give a description of what they are, I get a huge positive reaction. And then when they try one, they are speechless or moan something inaudible," says Katie. "These really are amazing."

What's a Oh Katie! Cookie? A homemade mini-chocolate chip sandwich cookie with chocolate and a premium liqueur filling. The current flavor selection is: Amaretto, Grand Marnier, Bailey's Irish Cream, Caramel, Mint,and Kahlua. Katie says she cannot pick a favorite."I would say the Amaretto and Mint are most popular, but so is the Grand Marnier and Caramel."

Flavors without alcohol are also available, but Katie adds, "The amount of alcohol in each cookie is pretty minimal,but you can certainly taste it and it definitely warms you up." Peanut Butter and Peanut Butter Chocolate are examples of flavors available without alcohol.

Oh Katie! Cookies are made fresh and have no preservatives and nothing artificial. "I'm proud to say these yummies have a total of seven ingredients plus a flavoring. How many cookies at a store can say that?" Katie beams. They come in fantastic gift-ready packaging and Katie gets many orders to send as gifts. To be involved in any social network is to realize the movement of the day is supporting stay at home moms and dads. Ordering
Oh Katie! Cookies is doing just that.


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