Social Media Marketing Strategy Study for Businesses: Tips and Techniques

Studies show the most effective Social Media Marketing Strategies engaged in four important pre-launch steps that created a clearer path to success.

Online PR News – 09-April-2010 – – Independent market research reveals that the most successful Social Media Marketing strategies engaged in four key steps before they began their full launch. These steps also apply to an existing Social Media marketing strategy or campaign that's not getting a desired return in investment for the time and resources being expended. What follows is a condensed list of the tips and techniques revealed during this research.

This research was carried out by Irbtrax SEO Social Media Internet marketing and was the result of extensive evaluation, testing and feedback.

Step 1- Engaging in Internet market research to answer the following preliminary questions:

- Who is our target audience. By industry, demographics, or search habits
- What content or trends appear to be most appealing to our target audience
- Roughly what rough percent of our target audience is involved in social networking
- Can we integrate any of the existing platforms we currently utilize or content we distribute

Step 2- Reaching out to current clients or customers for feedback about their Social Media involvement:

- Use brief and non intrusive emails or other forms of communication to solicit feedback.
- Look for the most common denominators whether it be platforms, usage or opinions.

Step 3- Deciding which social media platform best reaches a companies target market:

- Use feedback gained during step 2 to determine Facebook, Twitter, or other networking option
- Learn what third party services or tracking platforms support your choice to optimize long term results

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Step 4- Start basic and use a Soft launch approach if necessary.

- Use a soft launch approach to your engagement process to allow for future flexibility
- Start with the basics and add more complex options like videos, Blogs and other features as needed
- Follow where trends lead. Refine approaches, capitalize on opportunities and monitor your competitions Social Media efforts

According to Irbtrax founder Scott Moir-

"I've witnessed the misperception that Social Media marketing basically entails the creation of a Facebook or Twitter account and cross linking them to other online resources. However, it's imperative to recognize the importance of Internet Market Research. Especially as an effective long term cost savings and campaign optimization tool."

The Irbtrax founder also points out that "effective Internet market research involves the ability to look at the same data and get a uniquely different but highly revealing result". A result that will enhance the success of a business in Social Media or any form of Internet Marketing.

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