First Computer Forensics Private Investigation Firm Opens in Nevada

Expert Data Forensics is the only licensed computer forensic and data forensic investigator in the state of Nevada. They are located in the city of Las Vegas and excel in computer forensics, data forensics, and computer forensic investigation. Their mission is to help their clients find evidence in cell phones, pda's, and computers where they are already deleted.

Online PR News – 09-April-2010 – – Dated: October 1st, 2009

The Only Private Investigator Licensed Computer Firm in the state of Nevada

Las Vegas – After being granted a private investigators license, the Vegas IT Techs computer firm has changed its focus and is now concentrating more on sciences of Computer & Data forensics. They are dedicated to helping businesses and individuals obtain electronic forensics needed for personal or legal reasons. It is the first computer forensics firm to be licensed in Nevada. With a new d/b/a Expert Data Forensics ( in the state, more cases can be solved involving the retrieval of electronic data.

“We have already helped in almost a hundred clients get the electronic evidence used to make a difference in the outcome of their cases. Such data is retrieved from cell phones, PDAs and computers,” the owner, Adrian Leon Mare, stated. “In this technology age, forensic investigation of electronic data should become an integral, if not necessary, part of most corporate disputes, criminal cases and civil situations. In most situations there is either a cell phone text message, an e-mail or a web transaction that occurred that can change the course or outcome of a case. ”

Along with their new focus, the company launched a new website there is valuable information about the company, its services and links to blogs, Twitter updates, introduction video and other items.

Also available is an eForensics monthly newsletter for anyone looking for more information on data forensics and how it works. The newsletter features tips, valuable information and solutions for various case scenarios.

About Expert Data Forensics

At Vegas IT Techs d/b/a Expert Data Forensics, experts in Computer & Data Forensics, we secure, analyze, recover and investigate electronic data and eDiscovery from hard drives, desktop computers, laptops, pen drives, cell phones and PDA’s. We assist in civil litigation, domestic disputes and criminal investigations.