Adwords Media Announces Free SEO Offers

Adwords Media, a reputable online marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) company based at Manchester, United Kingdom, has announced special plans, including free SEO offers. The special plans include free press release write-ups, link building through blogs and articles, and innovative organic SEO strategies. The company has already carved a niche in pay per click advertisements as well as in improving the page ranking of their clients. The industry watchers believe that the new plan will add luster to the company’s already shining profile.

Online PR News – 09-April-2010 – – Adwords Media, a UK-based search engine optimization (SEO) and internet marketing company, has announced a new marketing package that is set to make waves in the crowded internet marketing front. According to Mr. Greath Owen, spokesperson for the company, the new offers, including free press release write-ups and new strategies for building links, will supplement the exclusive organic SEO tactics of the company. He expressed hope that both the existing and the prospective clients of the company would find the new offers attractive.

He was quick to add that the free SEO offers are not by any means publicity gimmicks or marketing campaigns. He said that just like any other company in the internet marketing field, Ad words Media, too, aimed to attract the maximum number of customers. However, he added that the company wanted to achieve the objective by providing quality service. He termed the new offers value-added services. He underlined that no company could survive by giving freebies, unless they back it up with quality and result-oriented service.

Talking about results, Mr. Owen was proud to point out the results his company had achieved so far. He said that Ad words Media ranked on the first page for almost all searches related to search engine optimization or online marketing. Most of the client websites, too, appear on the first page for their niche keywords.

He did not reveal the trade secrets or the reasons why Ad words Media consistently provided good results. He did offer some words of wisdom about the search engine optimization process. He said it was just like any other software or internet-based process. People have to understand the basics well and execute the plan without any hiccups.

He credited his team’s dedicated work for the good performance of his company. The team comprises professionals who clearly understand the nuances of the functioning of an SEO company, and they keep abreast of the changes in search engine algorithms. Mr. Owen believed that more than anything else understanding the search engine algorithms was the key to getting good SEO results.

He added that Ad words Media had gone beyond being just an SEO company. Now it offers services in other fields of internet marketing. He also spoke about some of the areas in which the company was offering high quality service:

1. pay per click advertisement
2. content management solution
3. website design and hosting
4. article writing and submission
5. press release writing and submission
6. link building through blogs, social book marking, and social networking websites

The latest offers of the company deal mainly with free press release writing and link building. For further information about the offers and the company, visit