Cheap Business Calls’ free business line rental to change the face of commercial calling

Kent-based Cheap Business Calls, the commercial ‘phone service provision arm of Keypoint Communications, has become the only business service provider in the UK to offer free line rental.

Online PR News – 09-April-2010 – – Kent-based Cheap Business Calls, the commercial ‘phone service provision arm of Keypoint Communications, has become the only business service provider in the UK to offer free line rental. The free business line rental initiative now being promoted by the company looks set to save businesses an average of £200 per annum: not much in the grand scheme of things, perhaps, but to a small business, where every penny really does currently count, a cheap phone calls lifeline of significant proportion.

In the wake of the economic downturn, where all businesses, small and large, were forced to seriously examine their costs structures, cheap phone calls and cheap business calls have slowly become a central selling point for commercial service providers. Cheap Business Calls have excelled in this area already, beating the mainstream competition by as much as 200% on local and national calls, and abolishing punishing setup fees. With their heavily-promoted move towards free line rental, Cheap Business Calls are making a new surge into territory the other service providers are going to have to conquer if they want to keep up with the competition.

Free business line rental, in and of itself, is of course an attractive prospect to any company: particularly one being nailed on a monthly per-handset basis. When you look at what free line rental does to the numbers, though, its full effect in the drive to achieve cheaper business calls is really apparent.

Cheaper business calls are defined by their relation to “standard” business call charges – which is to say that calls become cheap phone calls when their average cost is obviously lower than the average cost of the major service providers. Cheap Business Calls have already achieved significant percentage discounts on average business call costs by abolishing minimum charges and fluctuating rates, opting instead for flat-rate, transparent fee structures that charge business only what they pay for.

That, you might think, is good enough. The real magic lies in what Cheap Business Calls have added to this percentage saving by introducing free line rental to their cheaper business calls packages. If a company is being charged line rental, that figure has to be factored in to their overall calling costs – a ‘phone services contract, after all, is entered into in order to allow a business to make calls. So the actual calling cost incurred by a company that doesn’t have free line rental, is the listed (often sliding-scale) cost of a ‘phone call plus a portion of the monthly cost of line rental. When you consider that most major business service providers, in addition to levying line rental charges, charge a minimum fee per call and operate sliding base rates according to time of day, the gap in value between everyone else’s “cheap phone calls” and Cheap Business Calls’ free line rental plans becomes painfully apparent. The top-end saving made by Cheap Business Calls customers, factoring in their free business line rental as well as their fairer charges, maxes out at whopping 5900%.

In the newly-competitive world of cheaper business calls, that amounts to a declaration of war. Question is, is anyone strong enough to take up the challenge?

About: Cheap Business Calls is a product of Keypoint Communications. The sole aim of the business is to provide flexible alternative telecommunication solutions for all sizes of business, with a special team dedicated to the small and medium framed companies.

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