Pure One Prenatal Omega-3 Algae Oil Launched in Europe: Source-Omega Announces Pure-One.eu

Source-Omega announced today Veganlife in Sweden, launched Pure One™ distribution online into Europe through www.pure-one.eu for direct sales and wholesales. Pure One™ algae oil is a safe omega-3 DHA and EPA source for pregnant women and nursing mothers. Veganlife offers the European Union an improved, sustainable and 100% vegan plant-based alternative to fish oil for the same omega-3s to better serve the growing prenatal DHA market.

Online PR News – 09-April-2010 – – Chapel Hill, NC, March 09, 2010 -- Purity matters to pregnant mothers and nursing mothers. Pure One™ (http://www.pure-one.eu) is guaranteed free of all detectable contaminants, allergens, soy, gluten, heavy metals such as mercury and undesirable organic chemicals including those frequently found in ocean-derived fish. In fact, algae oil is widely considered more ideal than fish or fish oil for pregnant and nursing mothers for obtaining DHA omega-3. DHA is the only omega-3 fatty acid proven to support a healthy brain and eyes through every stage of development. Studies have shown DHA supports healthy cognitive function.

DHA omega-3 deficiencies may need to be addressed more than ever in the journey towards parenthood, much like folic acid was needed years ago. Many pregnant and nursing women in Europe have omega-3 nutritional deficiencies. Veganlife suggests Pure One™ will help mothers build up the developing baby’s health from inside out, from within the womb and through breast milk rich in DHA and EPA as the main omega-3 essential fatty acids needed by newborn infants.

Pure One™ is optimized to deliver omega-3 ratios similar to those found in human breast milk. Pure One™ provides the first Optimized Omega-3™ balanced to match our body’s omega-3 needs.

Dr. Pernilla Karlsson, Ph.D. Toxicologist and Nutritionist, President of Veganlife in Stockholm says, “Pure One™ makes life easier knowing everything needed is contained in one pure product, something expecting mothers can appreciate. Plus, the source of omega-3s in fish is actually algae oils. As a Nutritionist, I recommend Pure One™ through all stages of pregnancy with continued use into nursing.”

Pure One™ provides one of the safest known omega-3 oils for pregnant women and infants. Pure One™ products are made using only quality controlled processes and a certified microalgae strain (Schizochytrium sp.). The oil is approved by the European Commission as a Novel Food. Backed by dozens of published research papers, the oil is also proven safe when taken by adults in food supplements up to 1.5 grams DHA per day. The oil has been used by people for over two decades without incident.

Pure One™ is a good prenatal product containing life’sDHA™ (a trademark of Martek Biosciences Corporation) (http://www.lifesdha.com), a patented oil used in infant formulas. In the United States Prenatal DHA from algae oil is the number one omega-3 supplement for expecting mothers. For global health, Source-Omega manufactures Pure One™ in the United States (patent pending). “The Pure One™ advantage includes being the first algae oil for prenatal care to offer balanced DHA and EPA levels. Pure One™ is made to match human cellular proportions of the two most important omega 3s, DHA and EPA,” reports Dr. Scott Doughman, Ph.D. Biochemist, President and Chief Scientific Officer at Source-Omega, LLC.

Pure One™ oil and capsule are also a 100% vegan solution registered with the Vegan Society, a quality validation standard valued across Europe. The capsules are algae-derived too, made with AL-G™ carrageenan. Among the first-of-its-kind, Pure One™ is fully derived from algae made sustainable and scalable without harm to existing food stocks or pressuring fish populations.

About Veganlife:
Veganlife is a leading Scandinavian voice for vegan products in Sweden, also serving pregnant and nursing mothers in the region with their sole-source license agreement with Source-Omega. Dr. Pernilla Karlsson, Ph.D. Phone: +46707191976, Web: http://www.veganlife.se.

About Source-Omega, LLC, Chapel Hill North Carolina, USA:
Source-Omega is located near the Research Triangle Park, was founded by Dr. Scott Doughman in 2007, for specializing in the manufacturing, branding, and globalization of algae oil nutritional products as an exclusive distributor of the brand name Pure One™, The Next Generation Plant Based Omega-3™ for their Omega-3 DHA Therapy™, for clinics offering triglyceride lowering plasma lipids management programs and for pregnancy, nursing and family care. Dr. Scott Doughman, Ph.D. Phone: +19193605275, Web: http://www.source-omega.com.

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