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Awarded the title of “Top 10 Social Progress Dedicated Companies”, www.HandbagVIP.com has always been a dedicated leather handbags supplier supporting people who need to start their own handbags selling business.

Online PR News – 09-April-2010 – – HandbagVIP.com has always been a strong and consistent supplier and supporter to help people – especially work at home moms, purse party sellers, freelancers, home based self-employees, small wholesaler distributors, Ebayers, etc. to start a career-orientated handbags selling business and earn a fashion and easy living. That is an important reason she was honored the title of "Top 10 Social Progress Dedicated Companies".

Now under the economic recession, more and more people, because of being laid off or in need of extra money, are joining this "starting my own business" group, and www.HandbagVIP.com is offering stronger support in terms of both products and professional consultancy.

HandbagVIP supplies best trendy designer inspired leather handbags and purses with following different features to support home based handbags sellers to start or boost a profitable business.
Unlike other factories, HandbagVIP.com stocks handbags to allow fast shipment, which is a key benefit to support customers to satisfy their own customers in terms of time.
HandbagVIP online boutique only supplies handbags made of 100% genuine Italian leather and first class international standard metal hardware.
HandbagVIP supplies huge products ranges and trendy styles to choose from. Purse party sellers, Ebayers, local store owners, love to see new designs launched on the website every 2 weeks.
HandbagVIP is a factory based wholesale supplier, so customers are getting factory direct price of quality-assured leather handbags and other accessories to sell on purse parties, online websites, etc.
HandbagVIP provides FREE OF CHARGE custom logo designing and embossing service which is most popular among customers who need to boost their own handbags selling business by letting consumers to remember their logos or brand names.
Years’ experience of partnering up with customers like home purse party hostesses, WAHMs (working at home moms), direct sale handbags business owners, etc., HandbagVIP has accumulated tons of useful and practical experience, party ideas, themes, tips, and authentic cases on starting up a successful business, which speak louder than words to testify HandbagVIP’s being a professional adviser and consultant.

If you, or your friends are planning to "start my own business", quit the time thinking about "what, where, and how", instead, visit www.HandbagVIP.com in no time to get what you want – popular leather handbags and accessories to sell and copy successful business cases to make it your very own one.

About HandbagVIP.com:
Www.HandbagVIP.com is a factory based wholesale supplier of leather handbags and purses, ladies accessories at manufacturing cheap price. She is especially professional in supplying goods and business advice to purse party sellers, home based online traders, Ebayers, freelancers, etc.

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