Kids In Massachusetts Raid Local Garages For Silver

Two teenagers start up their own business by raiding local garages for silver.

Online PR News – 09-April-2010 – – This sounds like the start of a criminal report, and I have to say when I first heard about this I thought so myself. However, I recently received an email from a good friend who was concerned about a large amount of silver she had found in her sons bedroom. Obviously she suspected the worse, and in all honesty who can blame her.

However, it seems that her 12 year old son (who wishes to remain anonymous) has been teaming up with his friends and looking for old silver, either in garages or more commonly in garage sales.

After the enterprising you scoundrels had spent their allowances on buying up as much as they could find, they then had one of the children's adult brother send it off to Cash for Silver, and then collected their profit.

Cash for Silver is a company that offers free shipping of your silver items, and on receipt of your silver they send you a check. You then either accept the check or they post your silver back.

Well it seems young entrepreneur number one, had found this website, and then proceeded to set the whole operation in motion. After roping in two equally creative friends, and the bigger brother, they went about looking for silver. If they had not been successful all would have been well, but unfortunately the amount they received by post was more than they had hoped for, and this lead to them expanding their operations.

If you are running a garage sale, a jumble sale or even an auction, don't be surprised to see a small group of children in the front row, spending money on anything silver. It seems they have the bug and there is no stopping them, and I wonder where it will all end.

What does seem clear is that the garage sale price for silver is set to raise fairly quickly, because the value of silver is definitely on the up, and there are plenty of vertically challenged negotiators ready to buy it up without hesitation.

If you are interested in seeing the source of the children's business activities, you can see the Cash for Silver website at

These notable activities have been taking place in Massachusetts, and the information transmitted to this intrepid reporter via personal email.