Francois and Associates Makes Its Way To The .COM World

Francois and Associates announces the launch of their website, which offers a number of valuable financial tools and services to their growing client base.

Online PR News – 08-April-2010 – – Francois and Associates, a company that specializes in getting people out of debt, is now online after years in business. This company offers a debt relief program in which financial consultants work as the mediator between you and creditors to get you out of debt as quickly as possible.

“It is our job to get people out of debt and to make sure they stay out of debt, it’s as simple as that,” said Joel Francois, President of Francois and Associates. “Through credit card debt consolidation we are able to help primarily business owners and middle aged Americans take control of their financial situation once and for all.”

The company now offers a number of credit card debt consolidation services on their website including the FreshCourse™ Program and the ForeBiz™ Program. The FreshCourse™ Program in particular teaches individuals who are at least $40,000 in debt how to plan for the future. Another interesting program is the ForeBiz™ Program which allows self-employed individuals who are in debt to continue focusing on their business while Francois and Associates takes care of their debt.

“It really is a win-win situation for everyone,” said Joel. “You can get your life back in order, and creditors get paid. Not only do we consolidate credit card debt, we also help you get your life back and help take some of the burden off your shoulders.” With over 15 years of financial experience, Francois and Associates also offers its clients a number of other services that give them long-term financial education and relief. also offers its clients a Cost-of-Debt Calculator which allows individuals to enter in their credit cards and outstanding installment loan balances to determine how much they will actually have to pay due to interest rates and how long it will take to finally pay it off, all without the help of a financial adviser.

Despite the success that the company has seen over the last few years, Francois and Associates has decided to join the .com world to show potential clients that there are other options out there to choose from. Francois and Associates currently has a solid client base, but with the launch of its new website officials plan on the number increasing dramatically by the end of the year.

“We are really excited about being an online company now,” Joel said. “Not only does it make it easier for potential clients to find us, but now we can help clients from all over the world. This allows us a lot of room for growth and also puts us on the forefront as an international financial company. It’s all very exciting.”

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