Consected Overhauls Clouds App to Help Businesses Improve Travel Expense Reporting

Businesses are still relying on spreadsheets and email to manage their travel expense claims. Today, Consected announces a new release of its Travel Expenses App in the cloud, to reduce the burden on accountants, managers and IT.

Online PR News – 18-December-2012 – Quincy, Massachusetts – Only the end of the world will save companies from having to file taxes next year. For businesses reimbursing their employees and contractors for travel expenses, ensuring that they have sufficient expense information recorded to make filing easy is one thing. Guaranteeing that travel expense policies were adhered to throughout the year is quite another. After all, what CFO wants to pay out more than they have to during tough financial times?

As organizations grow, their back-office business processes often do not grow with them. In fact, performing a Google for “Travel Expense Form”, all of the top five search results link to spreadsheet templates. This translates into a large proportion of organizations relying on spreadsheet files, email and snail mail to manage their expense claim processes. For any company required to meet the accounting and control standards of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act in the US, the Turnbull Guidelines in the UK, Bill 198 in Canada, and other equivalent corporate governance legislation worldwide, managing and controlling travel and entertainment expense reporting is essential. Even for medium-sized companies with fewer regulatory requirements, effective internal controls are essential for managing costs and reducing the risk of fraud. Spreadsheet templates and email make the required level of control difficult and prone to failure.

As businesses in the US prepare to close the quarter prior to tax reporting season, many are wondering how they can do better next year. Highly effective travel expense reporting not only helps the accountants, it simplifies the reimbursement process for employees and reduces the burden on managers performing sign-offs. The challenge is that many companies can not easily improve their back-office operations; IT resources are already stretched to breaking, and ERP systems cost a small fortune to customize. The answer is not to just fall back on Excel spreadsheets and email. Instead, the answer lies in the cloud.

This week Consected is announcing the release of a completely refreshed version of its Travel Expenses App for Google Apps customers. The new version of the Consected Travel Expenses App builds on its existing functionality that makes it easy for a company’s unique travel expense policies to be captured and documented, while enforcing internal controls for review and approval of expense claims, all without resorting to email. This minimizes the effort for employees, managers and accountants, reducing the amount of paper and number of emails that must be filled, tracked and managed as records. The new version of the Travel Expeses App provides an enhanced user interface, advanced role management, and additional out of the box expense reporting templates to meet the requirements of different expense policies. Unlike many solutions, Consected can help even small and mid-sized businesses customize the travel expenses controls and workflow to meet exact requirements, without breaking the bank.

Google Apps customers can quickly sign up for a free-trial and get started with the application right away. Any organization can find out more about the Consected 2013 Travel Expenses App.

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