Getting Found on Google is Easier with Phinkit and a Google Plus Innovation

New social site Phinkit launches an innovation in social media, enabling anyone to get their content ranked much higher on Google.

Online PR News – 17-December-2012 – London, England – One of Google's missions is to improve the quality of information on the internet, overcoming the blight of spam and unoriginal content. It is going about solving this issue by linking content to real people. This means if any individual has any of their published content associated with a Google account, Google will assign more of a reputational value to it. This is then more likely to be displayed higher up in the search results. is a new social site designed to allow anyone to express themselves and get their content noticed. Phinkit has just implemented a new feature, which allows any of its members to easily associate their content with their Google Plus account. By doing so, every content item created on Phinkit is immediately recognised by Google as being authored by that individual. This has substantial search engine optimisation benefits for those looking to get their content ranked higher on Google. Phinkit is the only social site to offer this functionality.

Founder Martin Lucas explains, “None of the big social sites are likely to enable their users to associate their content with a competitor platform like Google Plus. Therefore Phinkit is uniquely positioned to increase its members' online reputation by doing just that.”

Watch a video with a rapid explanation from Founders Martin Lucas and Simon Jack:

About Phinkit:
Simon is the Founder of Phinkit, a site with original content from original people. It launched in July 2012 with the aim of making getting heard on social media easier for businesses, brands and individuals. Phinkit is different because it's the world's only social site where the quality of your content is more important for success than the number of connections, friends or followers you have.