One Week Multiple Visions – “The Impact Week”

AIESEC in Baroda, over the past week organized a series of events that aimed to provide a window of opportunity to the people from the underprivileged sections of our society, by initiating actions to the thoughts catering to a better change in the society.

Online PR News – 17-December-2012 – Vadodara – The event was organized for the AIESEC fraternity by the visiting international interns who were in the city, conceptualized and managed together by them and the members of local chapter of AIESEC. The week captured a multitude of events and actions, each unique and distinct in its target audience, but impact the same audience as its eventual goal.

1. The first day that kicked off the week was a football game for the children from the underprivileged sections, and what better target audience to start with making the impact, than the children who will grow up to be the change masters of the society. The football evening was scheduled at the MSU field premises, with inputs an support provided by Vikas jyot NGO and Kishore wadi area of city. Post which food distribution to the crowd was supported by That Place, our food partner for the day.

2. The second day of the week was dedicated to raising and promoting HIV awareness, whose need was felt because HIV is something where no matter how much awareness is generated and how much the society is made aware, it would never be enough, the event included awareness talks, signature campaigns, poster campaigns, free contraceptive distribution, and also one on one interactions with the local people. This specific event was supported by Lakshya trust which is an NGO that has been working in the field if HIV awareness in the underprivileged sections of the society.

3. The third day of the week was aimed at raising awareness about cleanliness and responsible living and utilization esp. when it comes to the utilization and use of public civic areas, and common platforms, and how simple actions or inactions can result in such tremendous change in impact, that it is sometimes difficult to fathom the impact that we might have caused. With the aim of making a start in the right direction, we organized a cleanliness drive from the Railway station, Kadak bazar, Akota, Jetalpur Road To Sayajigunj . The event saw a massive participation of AIESEC volunteers who while also cleaning the streets interacted with the public present at large, making sure that the message about maintaining public decorum with respect to waste disposal was passed on in the right direction with the relevant stakeholders.

4. The fourth day started with an environmental though in mind, AIESEC volunteers accompanied by students of Rosary school, planted trees in the school premises, and also undertook a pledge to be responsible citizens of the world, and also do our bit for protecting the environment, the students also participated in a rally to L&T circle, with banners urging people to do their part for the environment, on the return route AIESEC volunteers visited the Department of Physics, MSU and interacted with the students on the ways and methodologies of the RTI act, and also briefed them about the tools and procedures that could be used to effectively gather information with its help. The cause for the day was supported by The Blue Bird Foundation.

5. The fifth day of the week was themed as Food For thought, we visited the Gorwa and Ankodia areas of the city and distributed free food as SUBWAY sandwiches, which were prepared by AIESEC volunteers and the SUBWAY Vadodara team, the event also saw the volunteers interact with the local populace about the importance of proper dietary discipline and techniques and also sharing of some items that should be incorporated into everyone’s diets, so as to have a proper intake of nutrients in our meals. The concept for the day was undertaken by SUBWAY with support from AIESEC.

6. The sixth day of the week was themed as MINI BAL KALAKAAR, which was supported by Convent School, Fatehgunj and organized an event that aimed to bring out the creativity in the younger generation, along with participation from the children from the underprivileged sections of the society. The dual aim of the event was to foster a sense of brotherhood and empowerment to the children and also bring out their creative instincts. After the painting part of the program was over, AIESEC volunteers interacted with the children and danced and played games with them.

7. The final day of the IMPACT WEEK say the organizing of the health workshop with logistical support from STERLING HOSPITALS for the people living in the slum areas of the Kamati Bagh area of the city. The free health camp was organized for people of all ages where people were provided health checkup free of cost and also given free medicines where necessary and also referred for further processing wherever the visiting medical personnel felt necessary. AIESEC volunteers visited the houses in the locality and urged themselves to get checked, following which 180-200 people were checked for various illnesses. Another worthwhile memory was the interaction of the various exchange participants with the people living in the locality and also the exchange of cultures that ensued.

The week in all has helped capture the hearts of a lot of people, and also raise awareness in various forms, and it is a surety that the various campaigns will go a long way in affecting the lives of all the people who have been involved with us through various forms thought the week. The event also succeeded in the form that it went a long way in ensuring that the people who have usually been on the sidelines and not featuring in any of the mainstream groups were covered and ensured that they too had access to the various facilities and interactions that others may have access to. The involvement of the various stakeholders and support groups, our sponsors and partners has also been commendable, in the fact that they have decided to partner with us to create a positive change in the society.