BBYO Beyond partners with Tel Aviv University for new gap year program in Israel BBYO

2013-2014 Beyond gap year program participants will live in a campus of Tel Aviv University to take Hebrew language course, learn history and culture of Israel.

Online PR News – 17-December-2012 – December, 17 Washington, DC – BBYO Beyond has reached an agreement with Tel Aviv University to base their new gap year program on the university campus in North Tel Aviv. For the first semester of the program, participants on Beyond, will be housed in the Overseas Dormitories on the main TAU campus and take courses within the University Overseas Department.
Gap year programs can offer post high school graduates an effective way of adjusting to campus life, so that the new environment is not a huge culture shock to students. Beyond staff counselors are on site with participants, so as to ease them into independent living. “By living on campus, and taking some courses at Tel Aviv University, Beyond participants will be able to taste what life in college is like, while having a support system in place should they need the help adjusting to this new type of life, living outside of their parents’ home”, said Rina Rebibo, program manager of Beyond.
The courses Beyond participants enroll in are a 4 credit Hebrew language course, and a 3 credit course crafted just for Beyond participants which will cover all aspects of the land of Israel, from the history to its topography. In addition, participants can enroll in one or two more academic courses, which are offered to all TAU overseas students. “Someone who is interested in earning academic credit while being on a gap year program has the ability to earn up to 13 credits while on Beyond”, Rebibo continued, “This is an experience that will encourage teens to grow and find out who they are, and it will also help them develop into mature independent young adults who are ready for the challenges they may meet on their college campuses back home”.
During the semester at Tel Aviv University, Beyond will also incorporate informal education experiences, regional travel throughout the country, and community service with Israeli peers. The second session of Beyond has participants choosing their own path, with different immersive Israeli experiences and a community service component either in Jerusalem or Ethiopia. For more information on Beyond gap year programs please go to