Topups247 makes 3 mobile top up easy

Internet innovators Topups247 have come up with an innovative new way for people to top up their mobile phones.

Online PR News – 09-April-2010 – – Internet innovators Topups247 have come up with an innovative new way for people to top up their mobile phones.

Previously, top up vouchers required that a person physically go into a high street store in order to buy and activate fresh calling time: with Topups247’s 3 mobile top up plan, anyone can make a 3 top up, anytime, anywhere – with no need to actually go outside and find a shop.

Most mobile companies, of course, allow their customers to top up directly through the handset, using stored credit or debit card details. All very well until you realise that this leaves your credit or debit card details open to use by any unscrupulous member of the phone company’s staff – and in a modern world where even head waiters in high class restaurants aren’t averse to a little retail therapy courtesy of someone else’s bank account, that’s more likely than you might think. Topups247’s 3 mobile top up plan circumvents having to leave account details in potentially insecure locations, by allowing customers to make one-off internet 3 top ups, where virtual “vouchers” are texted straight to the phone in question.

Buying three top ups using Topups247 is easy. Customers click on a buy now button, which directs them to a page where they can choose the correct voucher (obviously, when purchasing 3 top ups, the correct voucher is a 3 mobile one). Once the right voucher has been chosen, the customer is led on to a secure PayPal portal, through which payment is made. The 3 top up voucher is then delivered as an SMS directly to the nominated handset.

After the 3 top up SMS is received, the customer just calls their mobile phone provider as normal, and follows recorded instructions to activate their new credit. In effect, then, Topups247 have replaced the walk to the store for a three top up voucher with a quick sit in a chair: the mechanics, apart from physically leaving the house and going somewhere else, are exactly the same. Though the added security of PayPal means that customers using Topups247’s three top up facility never have to worry about what might be happening to their credit card details after they’ve left the shop.

Another bonus of Topups247’s system is this: being 24/7, customers who rely on shop-bought 3 top up vouchers for their phone credit have to wait until a shop opens before they can top up their phone. In emergencies, where a phone call is of the last importance and no credit can be got through normal channels for another four hours, Topups247’s system of 3 top up vouchers delivered via internet and SMS could prove invaluable.

Overall, though, it’s hard to see how this new way of purchasing three top up credit fits into the overall scheme of things, except as exactly that – just another way to buy phone credit. And in a competing universe, that’s probably enough. Given that most people spend most of their time either glued to the ‘net, their ‘phone, or, increasingly, both, Topups247 may just have hit on a 3 top up goldmine.

About Topups247

Topups247 offers instant mobile top up vouchers 24/7. It caters for various consumers, ranging from people living in rural areas through to parents top up the children’s phones so they can always stay in touch. The company currently only provides credit for mobile pay as you go phones.

Topups247 are a UK based company that have been trading online since 2005

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