Victoria's Secret isn't the only Women's Lingerie company on the Planet

Valisere is
celebrating its 150th anniversary this year, and from the beginning of the
early 1900's has provided some of the sexiest and classiest lingerie in
the world.

Online PR News – 09-April-2010 – – The Valisere company was originally a company specializing in French
leather gloves. Founded in 1860 by Madame Auguste Perrin, it was
originally called "Le Grand Perrin". With the launching of Valisere in
1913 in Grenoble, France , womens underwear was taken to heights that
never would have been imagined. Vasilere became known for their expert
leather and lace craftsmanship, and this quality craftsmanship was the key
to why it was acquired by Triumph International in 1991.

While the underwear they created in 1913 was original and exceptional, it
was actually in 1919 that the first lingerie collection was launched. Run
resistant fabrics were a major innovation in 1921, and saw extensive use
in the production of ladies undergarments. Only three years later, led by
Paul-Valérien Perrin, the grandson of Madame Perrin, the company doubled
their profits, which helped their later expansion into Morocco and Brazil
in 1935 as well as Sweden, the Netherlands, and Belgium in 1941.

With the emergence of the fiber Nylon in 1946, the company was able to
create more embroidery and lace designs than ever before. By 1950 Valisere
was Grenoble's biggest employer, and in 1959 was awarded the "La Coupe
d'Or du Bon gout Français". The future was full of ups and downs for the
company ever since, until 1993 when a new marketing campaign was launched
targeting a more exclusive group of consumers with seductive and chic
French lingerie.

The exclusive and adventurous Valisere Tabu line was introduced in 2005,
with the company and it's products finally going global in 2006. 2009 saw
the beginning of the new Valisere website, giving them the presence they
needed for the world to discover some of the most thrilling, sexy, and
brassy lingerie in the world. Here you can check out their hottest
collections, including some of their best-selling items, as well as their
offer of the week.

The Valisere lingerie collection is now becoming more popular year after
year, and offers women some tantalizing and seductive choices for 2010.
With a company that is rich in tradition in the industry, as well as being
an innovator in the design of undergarments, it is safe to say that
Valisere will likely have a strong presence in the lingerie industry for
years to come.

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